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Hi-chan (火ちゃん)
5 August 1980
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nuq'Daq yuch Da'pol?

Stats. My name is Jamie ♥ ジェイミーと呼んでくれぇ~☆
29 . American . Female . Tall ☆
Living my best life in Tokyo, Japan from Fall 2004 & on ☆
Professional. Manga artist (Shin Prince of Tennis/新テニスの王子様 assistant artist), columnist (Asahi Weekly's Walking Tokyo), acting (Asahi Pop'n Press!, etc) ☆
Yays. Drawing, writing, photography, reading, friends, karaoke, imagination, travel, warm weather, live shows, camping, hiking, nature ☆
Nays. Smoking, drugs, mean people, cold weather ☆

♪When you really enjoy life, you grow younger instead of older.♪

Remember this, because you are the only person I know that can make her dreams come true and let me tell you, it's something amazing.
- from _miyuchan_

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