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22 March 2003 @ 12:47 am
stolen from chibikits  
Whee!! One for me!! ^_____^

01. List all the series in which you've RPed before:

--Weiss Kreuz
--Hunter x Hunter
--Fushigi Yuugi
--Fruits Basket
--Yami no Matsuei
--Fullmoon wo Sagashite
--Queer as Folk
--Umm, I think that's it? Maybe I forgot some...

02. List all the series in which you'd be interested in RPing:

--Peach Girl
--Dragon Knights
--Marmalade Boy
--King of Bandits Jing
--Gensomaden Saiyuki
--Harry Potter
--more originals!
--I'm sure there's more but that's all I can think of right now..

03. List all the format/styles of RPing in which you've done: (not speaking of e-mail/chat/etc)

--O-o? I'm not sure I understand.. but I've done a bunch of different kinds, just not sure of the names for them all. the kinds I like best are the ones that are written in 3rd person..

04. List all of the POVs in which you've RPed in:


05. List all the genres in which you've RPed:

--Angst (this is the best!!)
--PWP (mostly yaoi but not all).....

Hmm, that was a weird one to answer.. It's hard to classify most of my favorite RPs.. I like the ones where you really get to know the characters and pick them apart. ^.^ Ytheru/Alix and Kuroro/Kurapica are really like that.. I should also do it more with Ryuichi/Anyone.

06. List all the people whom you've RPed with:

(omg.. there are so many.. sorry if I forget anyone ^^;; I listed their lj name if they had one.. These represent many different types of RPs, from email to message board to aim..)

--Whoa, I am just going to stop here.. there are wayy too many to list. I have been RPing original characters for years..

07. List all the people whom you'd like to RP with sometime:

--Everyone who is interested!!! =^.^= Send me a message! I can't always keep up an AIM rp (because I'm often swamped when I'm online), but I would love to at least try out an email rp if nothing else! ^^
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