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15 March 2003 @ 11:32 pm
"I've gotta be chained to you.."  
I was working on my animation project again (progress: one frame so far.. ^^;; I'm working, I'm working.. It's so hot in here.. ^^;;) and anways, I popped in the newer Savage Garden CD.. Gah, I forgot how their music can really get me up!! I have loved Savage Garden since the first time I heard "To the moon and back." I think that I'm going to use "Chained to you" to do a music video. Yeah!! ^______^

Good news and bad news about my server. For some reason, the dns server that points to our ip address isn't working (in other words, you can't get to it by going to www.otakuuniversity.org).. but the ip address is working, so the background for my journal still shows up.. the mood icons don't, but it's alright... they should be back up soon, I hope.. we've been having all sorts of problems with the server recently!! And of course the ftp is back up, which is a big yay! =^_____^= I have to hand it to Jason, he's really working hard to keep things up and running! ^^

Alright, back to work for me! I need to work all the rest of tonight (until midnight at least) and then most/all of tomorrow to justify to myself all of the fun that me and athenazandrite are planning for Monday afternoon/evening! ^.^

side note-- YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I'm so happy to get to go to Animecentral!!

And because I can -- This song will cheer you up, I promise!! Savage Garden - Affirmation.mp3
Current Mood: busy
Current Music: SAVAGE GARDEN - Chained To You