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14 March 2003 @ 08:21 pm
worried, because I lost my wallet.. going to go look for it in a half hour when Rachel gets back..  
Hehee.... miwasatoshi made this awesome analysis of the sexuality of the characters in Marmalade Boy here, and here! Go read it! It makes me want to watch the whole series all over again! Though it's been a long time.. ^.^

Today was quite the day! I smell like cats and dogs right now, since I spent the last several hours at the AAWL volunteering... I wasn't feeling too well (no food^^; ) so I played with the cats most of the time, and just with the dogs a bit at the end. But that was after making a trip to the hospital... because Elijah was hit by a car!! He was on his motorcycle, and this guy who was drving a truck with a trailer, who was under the influence of alcohol AND drugs ran him over!!!!!!!!!!!! And kept driving!!! The guy is in jail now, but that doesn't do a lick of good!! Because Elijah is in intensive care right now and apparently really bad! *grrrrrs* Nobody except family is allowed to see him, but me and Rachel went to the hospital to talk to his mother for about an hour this morning. *sigh* I didn't know Elijah incredibly well, but I still will pray for him in my own way, and I'd like it if you all would think about him if you can. *hugs*

I also finished .hack//infection this morning, though I'm a little upset about it... Because I had just beat the final boss, and the UPS people knocked at the door with a package for Ron.. I was the only one home, so I had to pause the game during the ending movie to go answer the door... only it turns out that if you hit the pause button during the ending video, all it did was skip the video!!!!!!!!!! After I answered the door I spent a large amount of time cursing at the tv screen.. It figures, the only video game that I play in a half a year, and I missed the ending because of a stupid little package that had ONE LITTLE DVD IN IT!!!!!!! *fumes*

*sigh* I guess I'll have to beat more things in the game, and go through and get the video unlocked, so that I can watch it finally.. it still makes me mad, though..........grr..

Also, I might be going to Anime Central in Chicago! I would be a staff member if I did, because of the free rooming, and free entrance tickets.. I think I can afford it, maybe.. will know within the next few days!! God, I want to go, because I would be able to see Patrick, AND kyofujimiya and littletrowa!!!!!!!!!! And even more so, shumea might fly down for it! I need to try to afford this!! I wonder if I did, if anyone would pick me up at the airport.. it's so scary to go alone. reichiere said that she might go too... Wahh, now I really want to go, and I'm seriously considering it!

Oh, and before I forget, Yukicon, Phoenix's very own anime convention is almost underway! We've been planning it for a long time, and I can't release the website to the public, but hopefully soon. ^.^ I'm on the planning staff for the con, and it should be major fun! ^__________^

In other news, I have anime club tomorrow, club day on Monday, as well as going to athenazandrite's house! Should be much fun! ^^ Aside from the high gas prices, and that it takes 30 mins and some to get there. ^_^;; but it's okay, because it's more than worth it! ^^

Umm, other than that, life is great... there were just a few upsets today. ^^;; Talk to you all later! ^.^
Current Mood: worried
Current Music: Hunter X Hunter - Carry On
Kyo-chankyofujimiya on March 14th, 2003 08:31 pm (UTC)
*waves hand*
I'd go pick you up from the airport! Waiiiii!!! I hope you guys can come! Must meet you! Then we can go shopping at Taboo Tabou for real! Woot!