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06 March 2003 @ 03:31 am
Hunter x Hunter - Hunter Ondo.mp3

"Hotte hotte, mata hotte! Patsuide patsuide, atomondari!!" =^_____^=

Gah........ soooooooooooooooooooo friggin tiiiiiiiiiiiired....

OMG, I'm going to drop over in exhaustion... I loaded some Orange spice tea with sugar, took vitamins, and yet still... *falls asleep* I now have my animation project plotted out, but I need to get something down.. if I've not got a decent amount of something done by 4, I'm going to bed anyway... to hell with making progress..

it's so weird. I get tired, then I get a burst of energy, then I have to go to the bathroom (drank a LOT) and get tired again.. ^_^;;;;;;;;; I hate forcing myself to catch up at late hours of the night..

On other news, am planning to go to the Renaissance faire with reichiere and glass_zero on Sat, and meet athenazandrite and hitokiri_naveed there, with maybe another of their friends. ^^ Should be much fun!!! ^________^ Afterwards, the plan is for me and glass_zero to spend the night at athenazandrite's and hitokiri_naveed's house and watch their practice the next day.. should be much funs!! =^___^=

Gah, schoolwork, schoolwork!! I have 20 more minutes or more to force myself through!! What happened to my working spirit earlier? O-o......

Hunter x Hunter - Gon and Killua - Tobira.mp3
Current Mood: tired
Current Music: Hunter x Hunter - Hunter Ondo
long gone with her red shoes on: iambutredshoeson on March 6th, 2003 10:02 am (UTC)
If I was staying in town, I would have gone with you! Have a great time and post piccies! ^_^