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03 March 2003 @ 12:20 pm
Long overdue update..  
Oh, it's soooooo true ^_____^ I *so* want an Omi of my own!!!!! =3

You need a Sweet Uke!!!
You need a Sweet Uke!!!

Which Type of Uke Is Best Suited to You!?
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In other news... trying to wade through some of the back lj-posts in friends journals as I got behind again.. must stop this. ^^;;;;; Real-life's been catching up to me again. :P

Saturday I had the BEST day!!!! It was sooo much fun! I took Ta-chan over to 'Thena-chan's and Navee-chan's house, and we had the most fun time just hanging out.. I wonder, why is it that I always come back from there so relaxed and happy? We didn't do anything that I don't do at home, so... I guess it's just the chemistry, or something. Those two are just so much fun to be around! *dies* And sorry for keeping you up really late, you guys! ^_^;; Must remember to stop overstaying my welcome! ^^;; I feel really bad about that! I just don't know when to say "this is enough".... Bad me and my lack of self control..

Ai, in other news. I'm wayyyyyyyyyyyyy behind on schoolwork, so I'm going to trudge myself over to school in a few minutes to try and make a dent in it. I'm going to have to work really hard to get back to where I should be.. but I can do it! I know that I can!! =^___^=

Elvy-chan's gone, on her trip to the conference.. everyone wish her a safe trip!! Baii baii Elvy-chan!!

Ooh, and athenazandrite colored another version of my KuroKura picture!! I love it!! Click here to see it, and be sure to leave a comment on her journal!! She did such a fantabulous job! If anyone else ever wants to color something of mine, go for it! I'd love to see what you all come up with! ^.^

Shu-chan and I RPed Ytheru and Alix last night! It's been so long!! Or at least it feels like it! ^_^;;;;; It was refreshing to get back to it, though it made me stay up a lot later than I'd wanted to. ^^; Our RP journals are holding off until we discuss what to write later tonight... because we want to get something going with them that's coordinated. ^^ It will be great! The other characters can continue writing as normal, though. ^^

Aight, gonna sign off now to go to school.. Jya!!
Current Mood: cheerful
Current Music: Moulin Rouge - Come What May
sosiqui on March 3rd, 2003 01:56 pm (UTC)
Agh, Elvy left? O_O

The conference is in the city where I live... I wonder where, LOL. If it was downtown I bet I was only like 5 blocks from her. yeargh. I meant to ask before she left. -_-
aionwatha: Vincent - don't leaveaionwatha on March 3rd, 2003 05:21 pm (UTC)
*points to test*

Kyon-chan says I'm a lot like Omi... =^---^=

It sure was fun to RP again... I love my happy Alix...