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07 January 2017 @ 10:44 am
Tokyo Disneyland Hotel ahoy!  
Here's something new... for me, at least! Thuy really wanted to stay in the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, in one of the character suites, and I tend to go with the flow, so we ended up in the Beauty and the Beast suite for two days!

No complaints here! Well, about the hotel itself, that is. It's really, really nice, and I'll let the pictures speak for m.

But first, a few things, dear Disney and Japan:
1) The front desk is on the second floor, so to check in and out, you have to either carry your luggage up a large, opulent flight of stairs or go quite a bit out of your way to get to an elevator. I know you think you're worth it, but we notice those things.

2) Our suite was on the bottom floor. It overlooked the pool, so we were lucky that it was winter and the pool was closed. If it had been summer, though, it would have been both noisy, dangerous, and a LOT less private. As it was, I still felt exposed. Plus, there's no view but the backside of some bushes. Fancy hotels should never have rooms, especially suites, on the first floor.

3) There were two restaurants and a cafe in the Disneyland hotel. Neither of the restaurants could accommodate vegans. I said it yesterday too, but Japan as a whole has virtually no concept at all of animal welfare or special diets (or the LGBT movement, for that matter). The most fancy restaurant in the hotel had a set menu, and none of the options were even vegetarian. When I asked if they could make something special, they said "absolutely not. We do not accommodate vegetarian diets." Wow, okay. The waiter was very blunt, spoke plainly (which is quite rude in Japan, especially in the customer service industry), and just left an overall bad taste in my mouth. All I was asking for was something without parts of animals in it, and I was willing to pay for it. It's not a hard thing to understand. The other restaurant, a large, expensive buffet, was a lot nicer and let me in to look at the options (but even the rice had seafood in it!). I would have literally been relegated to a few pieces of fruit, and that was all. Talk about slim pickings, and for a buffet that sets you back $50 to boot. Animal rights, what're those? I'm being redundant, I know, but this issue is really important to me and Japan has NO CONCEPT AT ALL of any movement in the world beyond a trend or fad. Anyways, the cafe upstairs next to the front desk was amazing. They special-made me a veggie sandwich that blew my mind. They were very creative, and it was by far the best thing that I ate for my entire stay in Japan. So there's that. Thank you, lovely cafe, and I recommend that everyone stops by there and eschews the other options. Wallets speak louder than words, especially in a consumer-driven society like Japan.

But the hotel and room itself? Heck yeah, it was very, very nice. Read more on my new blog!

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