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24 February 2003 @ 01:45 pm
whee again!  

The yaoi quiz:

1. When Did You Get Into Yaoi: Ummm... about a year and a half ago? Was it that long?

2. How Did You Get Into Yaoi: Reading a Xelloss x Zelgadis fanfic, Friendship, by Harukami.. The fic was _amazing_... Yep, XelZel were my first yaoi couple, really. =^__^= BTW, Silk and Stone is quite an amazing website!! I have been visiting there for years!!

3. For How Long Have You Been Into Yaoi: A year and a half? But I'm really just guessing..

4. Truthfully, How Obsessed Do You Think You Are: I am uber-obsessed. Sometimes I think I live, sleep, and breathe yaoi. IT's so sad, I'm not even a guy.. ^_^;;;;;;;

-Second Set-

5. All Time Favorite Couple: This is hard. I guess that I would have to say Ytheru x Alix, because I like their dynamic relationship.. or lack of one..

6. Five Top Favorite Couples After Your All Time Favorite:

1. Ryuichi x Shuichi (Gravitation) -- Ukepile, anyone? =^__^=
2. Killua x Gon (Hunter x Hunter) -- Just too cute! And practically canon! I'm hesitant about getting them into rough yaoi, I think shonen-ai suits them better..
3. Kuroro x Kurapica (Hunter x Hunter) -- I find this pairing fascinating!! RPing it has been great fun! Ah, there is something to be said about the intensity of love-hate relationships. Or in their case, just hate with perverted mun's forcing love into it. ^__^
4. Nagi x Omi (Weiss Kreuz) -- Make it kinky! And then sugar sweet! They're good for both! ^__^
5. Xelloss x Zelgadis (Slayers) -- Can't leave them out. It's the love-hate annoyance thing.. Does anyone ever want to RP this with me? I'll play either, though I prefer Xelloss... I love playing tricksters like that! ^^

ano... do I have to stop there? I didn't name a fraction of the couples that I like!!

7. What Yaoi Couple Do You Hate Above All:
Hmmmm... Hate is a strong word for this. I mean, most yaoi is good... but I'd have to say that without a doubt I find Hisoka x Gon (Hunter x Hunter) disgusting! I know it's very plausible within the context of the series, but EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! Maybe if Gon was grown up, it would be a little less squickish..

8. Five Top Most Hated disliked Couples After Your All Time Most Hated disliked:
1) I'm not really fond of Omi or Nagi times anyone besides each other.. though I've learned to tolerate the idea, I still can't see it... E-sama the llana, you corrupted me! -_-
2) Zelgadis x Gourry is just kinda, well... stupid
3) Tatsumi x Tsuzuki (Yami no Matsuei)... it's just that Tsuzuki belongs with Hisoka, and Tatsumi knows better than to steal him away. He's not evil like Muraki is.. (I love Tsuzuki x Muraki, because Muraki is evil enough to do what he wants regardless. ^__^)
4) Hisoka x Muraki.. (Yami no Matsuei) this is umm.. I don't know, I just don't like it really... ^_^;;;;;;
5) Leorio x Gon. One word: EWWWWWWWW! Why would anyone write/draw this? But I've seen it..

9. What Five Yaoi Couples Do You Wish There Was More Fanfiction/Art About:
1) Kuroro x Kurapica (Hunter x Hunter) -- like I said, this couple is fascinating..
2) Killua x Gon (Hunter x Hunter) -- Also known as Kirugon, I just love this pairing to death!!
3) Ryuichi x Shuichi (Gravitation) -- There's more than there used to be, but I want more! I'm a bottomless pit of needing this couple!!
4) Izumi x Takuto (Full Moon wo Sagashite) -- There isn't ANY for this couple! And come on, Izumi even kissed Takuto in the manga! I should draw/write something..
5) Miwa x Yuu (Marmalade Boy) -- really, it was a cute pairing.. I'd love to read some fanfiction about it! ^__^ Ack, I just had a plot bunny bite me!! ^__^ Maybe I'll write one now..
6) -------I added this one in, because I want to see some Ytheru x Alix fanart by someone other than me and Shumea! =^__^= Come on, any takers? I'll trade for arts of my own, if you want!

10. What Five Yaoi Couples Do You Wish There Was Less Fanfiction/Art About:
1) Bleh... I really don't want to answer this question... You can write/draw all you want, and I'll only read what I like! ^__^

11. What Five Yaoi Couples Have You Written About: (I am assuming that RP counts..)

1. Kuroro x Kurapica
2. Killua x Kurapica (hey, he's a good, nummy uke ^^)
3. Tatsuha x Ryuichi
4. Ryuichi x Shuichi
5. Muraki x Tsuzuki

...do I have to stop there? Damn.. there's so much more that I've written!! ^__^;;

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