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26 November 2010 @ 10:59 pm
Day 21 - Favorite and least favorite Japanese fashion trends.  
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! =^-^= (to all of my American friends) ♥ It was technically yesterday here, but Japan doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving as such (obviously), so I didn't do anything. My party is this Sunday... I'm really looking forward to it!! =^-^= Before then, a lot of work to do! =D

Speaking of work!

Day 21 - Favorite and least favorite Japanese fashion trends.

Oh god, where do I start? If one thing can sum up Tokyo, it's "fashionable"... Or maybe "unfashionable". Or maybe "unique" would be better. LOL, I guess there really isn't one word to describe Tokyo. But it definitely is full of different types of fasion!! This is going to be random and disorganized, but I think that's the way to get my writer's block out of the way! ^o^/

* I live in the suburbs, so.. the fashion here is pretty.. unfashionable! ^-^;; Mostly mother-types and old ladies, who wear Mom jeans and expensive (but look cheap) sweaters, and these days, giant coats that add 25 pounds. In other words, they look like Americans from Anytown, minus the sweat pants. XD;; Since I don't have any jeans that fit anymore, I rarely wear them and I stick out even more in my little miniskirts and dresses! ^o^; Kids here are actually the most fashionable in their bright colored jersey shirts =D

However, I am less than a half hour from Shibuya, where you can see any kind of fashion that you'd ever have imagined!! (Well, except for Taylor Swift romantic-gorgeous-style fitted dresses. If anyone knows where to buy those, let me know because I'm going to for sure! I need to make a mannequin yes yes...)

* Fur socks/boots! This winter is ALL about fur fur fur!! Fur and knits. But especially fur! These socks (or boot variations) are all over. At first I thought they were cute, and I still think they are. But I don't think that I'll give into them. It would just feel weird. Also, it depends on the outfit, too. I saw a girl wearing them with a giant knit poncho, and one of those hanging tails, and I thought "you have no sense of personal fashion *headdesk*" All she did was pick what's "in". There was no soul to her outfit choice, if that makes any sense?

* The aforementioned fur tail.. err, fail. Come on, seriously? ^^; If it was like, sticking out of a bag to make it look like there was a cat inside, it would be cute. But the way that it is? I don't really get the appeal...... Speaking of not getting the appeal, see the model on top left? Japan LOVES to wear giant-sized clothing. Therefore making their mostly-skinny population look fat. WHY? That is just something that I can never, ever, ever, ever, ever understand or come to terms with. I've worked really, really hard to get skinny (anad am still not quite there imo), and I would never want to cover up that with giant-sized clothes. But everybody here does. Maybe people who are naturally gorgeously skinny think differently..

* I'll give ponchos a pass though. This season, ponchos are EVERYWHERE. I have one too =D I like them because they don't cover up your waist, and so if you pull them around your body they can make you look skinnier than a coat. Yay =D Of course, nobody here seems to care, except for me. Note the models not-formfitting dress. *head shake* I don't get it. It's so cute but she is probably half that circumference. WRY?

* See these shoes? Not too bad on their own. But imagine those pointed long toes about twice as long. So long that they kind of started curling up at the end. THANKFULLY they are out of fashion now, but five years ago nearly everybody was wearing them (nobody I know, thankfully!!!) I never understood these. I still don't understand them. Where was the appeal of having elf-shoes? If you're going to have elf-shoes (like for cosplay or something), then why not make them look like elf shoes? I mean.. err..

* So, let's talk about fashions that aren't short-term trends. Like Ganguro! Suuuuuuuuper dark skin and white-racoon-eyes. And colors galore! I think it's a cute look as long as the girl takes care of her hair. I've seen a lot of ganguro girls (though the trend is dying out a little now) who have the rattiest, most damaged hair that I've ever seen. T_T Poor things.

* Decora fashion. It's so colorful and.. colorful!! So busy! I don't know where to look!! I think it's really cute, although not for me =D It really depends on the specific person. Some people know how to put together really great fashions, and others totally miss the mark. Though it's a little hard to go wrong with this kind of thing, lol.

* Kogals! The school-girl look similar to ganguro. I think it's cute. ^^ Much cuter than a regular schoolgirl. The slouchy socks are key!

* Gothic lolita (on the goth side). LOVE the second image! I would totally wear that! But the other dresses, while I think they're nice and all, they're not for me.

* Sweet lolita. Iconic Japan, ne? It's cute as hell, though I would never wear it myself. You've gotta be tiny to pull it off, I really think. Not that I would feel comfortable in it anyways.. it's not me. =D But it's cute!

* Mori girls are kind of a new concept, sort of. The idea is that you look like you live in a forest. I LOVE the naturalness of it. The details and the natural colors and fabrics are really, really flattering! But I hate the baggy look. I'll never be a mori-girl because I just don't like anything that makes me look bigger than I am. I don't really understand that. I Know I've said it like, 600 times already, but other than that flaw, mori girl is great. ^^ I like a lot of the clothes myself. The form-fitting ones at least!

* Japanese punk. Most of these people look like they really, really love England. Though it may or may not be the case, lol. That's just what I think of when I see people dressed this way. Well, that and Nana. =3 I have a feeling people would say that this style looks great on me, but it's not my style at all.

AAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDDDD! The #1 most popular style in Japan:

* Salarymen! Boring. Stupid. I hate this. It's totally necessary because most companies require this kind of ensemble. But when I see tons of men all dressed the exact same it makes me depressed. No individuality or sense of style at all. I would rather die than become a salaryman (sorry)!

That seemed a little negative at the end, didn't it? I didn't mean it that way! ToT/ To be honest, I love how Japan (or at least Tokyo) is so open with fashion! It's kind of an anything-goes place! You can wear anything and not look out of place, in Tokyo. It's one of the things that I've come to appreciate the most about Japan. =^-^=

The Japan 30-day Meme ♡〜(ゝ。∂)

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sleep_deprivedyurasama_love on December 1st, 2010 01:41 am (UTC)
Salarymen!! Every time they show generic Japanese, it's always salary men. Discovering Visual Kei, gothic lolita, and ganguro was a total shock to me because I used to think Japan was so straight-laced.
Those fur boots though make me think those girls are half yeti, to be honest. But ponchos are awesome.