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18 October 2010 @ 02:42 pm
Day 13 - Favorite live event that you attended  
It's not really Day 13, is it? ^^; Since I took over a week off of writing in my journal... T____T I really want to write every day, but returning to working in a manga studio, even for just a little while, completely threw me off. I'm exhausted! Even three days later, I'm completely exhausted.. geeeh.. There is a lot to catch up on!

I really have a lot to write, to be honest! So many stories from last week. I worked three jobs, after all! I also got almost no sleep, which might explain why I feel so dead even today. Yesterday, for all of my efforts, I was completely useless as a human being. I managed to pick up some groceries (if you count oatmeal and japanese pears as groceries), take a shower, and vaccuum the floor. Oh, and did laundries. But now I face an apartment that needs a major cleaning and no energy to do it. Along with other things.

So let's procrastinate and continue the meme! Then I will tackle the "other" things. ^-^;

Day 13 - Favorite live event that you attended

This one is easy!

Dream Live 7th!! Most of you guys know that I worked for Konomi-sensei for a year and a half as his assistant. We drew the Shin Tenipuri manga (I designed the U-17 uniforms =^-^=), and sometimes we attended Tenipuri-related events. I was a huge fan of Tenimyu, so it was always fun to go and see it with Sensei, and we got to go behind-the-scenes at JUMP Festa and Tenipuri Festa and all sorts of things. ^^

But Dream Live 7th was a lot of things to me, and that's why it will always be a really memorable event for me. It was the end of Tenimyu. It was my going away party (although I had quit several months earlier). It was what I thought would be my last time being treated by Shueisha until I made my own debut (I was wrong, I'll write about that soon!). It was a chance to see people that I loved with all of my heart. =^-^= And Mako even got to participate. ^^

You can read my original post here: http://hinoai.livejournal.com/761359.html

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Day 13 - Favorite live event that you attended

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Now I am going to go and jump into a green-tea scented bath and read the first volume of Hiyokoi. Hopefully it will recharge me! Now that it's getting ungodly cold (to me) I can finally use all of the different bath products that I got for my birthday! =^-^=
Janellechibi_rei on October 19th, 2010 12:52 am (UTC)
Had no idea you were back in a manga studio :O How exciting albeit tiring!

Ahh always wished I could have seen Tenimyu live back in the day. I still want to now, but I'm not into it at all anymore and back when it started I was a big fan ^^
The Eunikarakurimi on October 19th, 2010 03:50 am (UTC)
Have a great time relaxing! I was reading your tweets and it seemed like you were SUPER busy but glad to help out the studio anyway <3 take care!