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23 February 2003 @ 03:05 am
280.. tha'ts the number of posts made by friends in the last few days. ^_^;;;;;;;;;;; There was so much to wade through, it took me several hours!! ^_^;; But I did it, woot! Even made a few comments here and there.. but if I didn't, don't be offended. I read it all, but.. ^^;; after readong so much, my mind was going blank trying to think up comments. ^^;;

Short comments..

Yohji-kun, I'm so happy that you're doing better! It's about time! *hugs* Best of luck to you and Aya-san! ^__^
Shu-chan, read the book! Read it!! I've been wanting to for a while too. You're old enough not to let your mother run your life.. it's just a book, why doesn't she want you to read it?
Waii!! Found JC Amberlyn's name floating around on quizzes!! That's so coool!!! I must go visit her website and see what she's up to now!! =^__^=
Thena-chan, Kuroro is SO going to molest Kurapika again! =^__^=

You're Rusty the Red Fox! Bright, intelligent, and
cute, too! You have the makings of someone
special, but you'll never forget to have fun!

Which 'Out of Oakwood Forest' character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

What is JC up to nowadays? I wish I knew...

Xelloss Metallium:
Xelloss is often known as the Trickster Priest. He
is one of the monster race. One of the 5
special monsters to be given special powers of
unimaginable altitude! He is very strong but
never uses his powers. On the rare account he
does....you better not mess with him. With one
flick of his finger, millions of golden dragons
were killed in the battle between the monsters
and dragons. Xelloss often likes to create
trouble and loves negative energy like all
monsters. In the try series he loves to annoy
Filia, a golden dragon. The two hate one
another and fight constantly!
Xelloss often creates havoc and the following is
his usual response:
"Sore Wa Himitsu Desu" "Now that's a
Secret", roughly translated.
(Xelloss is so cute and cool) In Try you see more
of Xelloss. Xelloss sometimes helps out Lina
and the gang, but sometimes he has to listen to
his orders.

Which Slayers Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Woot! Don't you all know it! *glomps Xelloss* YAY!!

Gah. My server is having domain name issues, so my icons are gone for a while.. they're still up on the server, but our host name is being stupid. Grrr... May switch them to a default mood theme for a while..

oh well.. getting a bit tired, gonna go to bed! Jya ne!
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