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That was fuuuuuuuuunn!!!

I love drawing, I really do! =^-^=

Anyways, this is a really bad pic taken with my cell phone camera (it is quick and painless).. I just wanted to say that I finished up part 1 of my Denkiki and print project.. that I started almost a year ago! ^^; I will have more information coming on this tomorrow (or technically, later today), so stay tuned! This part is a two-print exclusive (lj-only) limited set and will hopefully be the first of many! People who donated to help me out with my website last year get them both free, and whatever is left over, I'm going to sell on here. The print run is really small, and all of them are hand-numbered and signed by me. Plus some other good personal touches. I guess this is technically a preview?

Anyways, prices are really, really low (I think? Compared to a pro, for certain), mainly because I'm testing the waters.. Anyways, it's going to be a fun ride, but it's 3 am, and time to get a little bit of sleep, I do so think ^^ I have a lot of (fun) work to do tomorrow! ^^

G'night! And I have a lot to say about Denkiki coming up in the next few weeks!! (*^-^*) *sparkles* PS: Denkiki is a sort of interactive project that I'm starting, online, alone. More details on that starting tomorrow today!
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