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9/30 Edo museum

Speaking of waiting until something was published.. today my last article for Walking Tokyo hit the stands. From next month, my new column is going to start.. So OTSUKARESAMA DESU!

I can also publish the pictures from that... so here they are.. This is my trip to the Edo Tokyo museum a few weeks ago. It was interesting. I really think that I'd like to try out the open-air architectural museum instead, though, but..

The museum is right next to the sumo stadiums..

Here is what it looks like from the outside..

Some scale models of Edo architecture.

And pretty shoji screens.

Me holding one of the banners that belonged to an ancient noble house.

Old-style book store.

The beginnings of manga?

Old-style money.

Trisha picking up the chest full of "gold". It was really heavy.

Here are old kabuki costumes.

And an old play house.

Riding in a carriage. What a life.. x.x

Trisha wanted to ride too.

And those funny bicycles.

Inside a traditional house.. everything was so small! And I forgot to take off my yellow socks ^^;

Just a random shot because I liked the lighting...
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