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7/30 Do you think I am nool? Or am I cerdy?

I promised to post every day for 30 days, but it's funny.. there doesn't seem to be enough time. Even though I've stayed home pretty much all day for the last few days. The decision is for a few reasons-- I am low on cash, the weather has been freezing cold, I'm still upset, I should do work, and I don't want to get sick again. But it's weird-- despite having hours upon hours available, they just disappear, and I can't really tell you how I spent them. I hate being unproductive, but it's funny, because left to my own devices, I kind of am. Procrastination, please leave me.

I am going out tomorrow, though. I was invited to the Tokyo International Anime Festival by several people, so I want to go and see friends, be nerdy, and schmooze. I kind of feel like I've drifted away from being nerdy, in favor of being cool, recently. The truth is, I'll never really fit into either mold completely, so maybe I should just concentrate on being me. If I really need a label, maybe cerdy or nool would fit? I kind of just like Jamie, though..

The Big Bang Theory's nod to Animaniacs was awesome. Then again, pretty much everything involving Sheldon is awesome. Guaranteed, right?

I watched yesterday's Survivor, and.. omg, I actually cheered out loud for Russel. What balls!! It's funny watching Rob mistakenly think that Russel isn't one of the big players- it's all because Russel's season hadn't aired, so Rob has no idea that Russel was 10,000 times more devious than Rob ever was. He was kind of like TAR-Rob version 2.0. I just hope that one or both survive for a long time, because they are great to watch. Same with Coach. And why is Amanda always crying? I can't tell if it's an act or if she is tired, or if she really feels that bad about voting James off. She seems nice enough, but she looks like a prettier version of Parvati (much better smile), so it kind of throws me off..

But I just accidentally saw a spoiler for who wins. WTF. Why did that come up on google as first result? I didn't want to know, and I was so excited about this season.. but if it's true, we'll have yet another season of the most undeserving person winning. NOOOOOOOOO. (I really want to be on Survivor sometime. I wish they would let up on their US rule.. I am a citizen, isn't that enough?)

And Top Model is really bad this season. Last season was so good, but this one is all in cold weather, with hideous makeovers, and so far no good photoshoots, tons of bickering, and nobody nice to root for. How sad. T-T

I am sad that Ugly Betty is ending. It's one of the shows that has been really good the last few seasons. Speaking of which, I'm perplexed over Supernatural's extension. I thought it was going to end, and with the last few seasons being phenomenal, it would have been a great way to go.

Very excited about V coming back next week.

I gave up on TAR this season, and same with Heroes. Neither are really good enough to spend time on this anymore. Sad, because usually Amazing Race is one of the best shows out there.

I feel like I watch too much tv, looking at that. But in reality, it's not that much.

Enough about tv.. I do believe that I should be getting an early bed tonight. I hope that I get home before midnight tomorrow, so that I have enough time to write another post..
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