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24 March 2010 @ 11:58 pm
I really don't know what to say today. It was really, really cold. I thought about posting another story from my past, but instead I'd rather ask a question:

Do you have any funny or absurd stories to share from your life? (like my naked karaoke one)

I'm just curious.. all of us can always use a good laugh.

And to fill up space, a meme stolen from a good friend:

- Available: To the right person.
- Age: 29
- Annoyance: Smokers, people who cough on others, skinny jeans all bunched up at the ankle.
- Allergic: Just the usual hayfever.
- Animal: Wolves are my favorite and always have been.
- Actor: I adore Drew Barrymore.

- Beer: I don't like beer.
- Birthday/Birthplace: 8/5 in Olympia, WA
- Best Friends: They know who they are.
- Body Part on opposite sex: Hair. (does that count? I think it makes more difference than any other part)
- Best feeling in the world: Being loved by someone you love.
- Blind or Deaf: NO. But I would rather be deaf than blind if it came to it.
- Best weather: Warm summer sun, around 95 degrees with a deep blue sky and no humidity.
- Been in Love: Yes.
- Been bitched out?: Bitched at, yes.
- Been on stage?: A number of times.
- Believe in yourself?: Sometimes.
- Believe in life on other planets: Of course.
- Believe in miracles: Yes.
- Believe in Magic: Of course.
- Believe in God: Not in the religious sense, but in beings more talented than humans, yes.
- Believe in Satan: Lol no.
- Believe in Santa: Yes.
- Believe in Ghosts/spirits: Of course.
- Believe in Evolution: It's a proven fact, right?

- Car:
I want this: http://www.jeep.com/en/2010/wrangler/ I don't have a car atm, but that has been my dream car since I was a little kid. I would really like to buy an electric version of that when I am rich.
- Candy: I love chocolate of any kind.
- Color: Red, orange, yellow. Though I look best in blue.
- Cried in school: Yes, I have.
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate girl.
- Chinese/Mexican: I will always love Mexican food the most.
- Cake or pie: Pie all the way! Though I have soft spots for red velvet cake and jello cake.
- Countries to visit: #1 are Egypt and Turkey, although I am fairly sure I will visit Korea next.

- Day or Night:
I like the light and the sun, though the stars are beautiful too.
- Dream vehicle: I already posted it above.
- Danced: Sure, sometimes. I want to learn real dance, maybe.
- Dance in the rain?: Of course.
- Dance in the middle of the street?: Why not?
- Do the splits?: I'm training myself to be able to do it.

- Eggs:
With cheese please.
- Eyes: Mine are blue.
- Everyone has: The capacity to love.
- Ever failed a class?: Through high school, I never had below a B in a single class.

- First crush:
I am not telling. Said person knows, I think.
- Full name: Jamie Lynn Lano
- First thoughts waking up: It depends on the day, but usually I think about my dream or last night or what time it might be. Or breakfast.
- Food: I really love cheese, milk, chocolate, and fruits. Chocolate and fruit may be the best combination ever.

- Greatest Fear:
Probably the idea that I will never find someone to love me.
- Giver or taker: A healthy mix, I guess. You have to take to enable someone else to give, you know.
- Goals: My biggest goal right now is to publish a serial manga.
- Gum: Okay?
- Get along with your parents?: Sure, some of the time.
- Good luck charms: I don't have any.

- Hair Colour:
Brown naturally. Usually a variation of red-brown or orange-brown.
- Height: Just under 6' or 183 cm.
- Happy: Sometimes. Optomistic, perpetually
- Holidays: I love Christmas, despite the extreme cold.
- How do you want to die: I don't want to die.
- Health freak?: I prefer to eat healthily when I can.
- Hate: Cigarette smoke. Drugs. Playboys.

(In guys/girls)

- Eye colour: I don't care.
- Hair Colour: Prefer darker hair on guys, and red hair on girls.
- Height: I find height attractive in guys, shortness attractive in girls.
- Clothing Style: Slim/ form-fitting and stylish or bohemian.
- Characteristics: Just a good person.

- Ice Cream: Cake batter is the best thing ever invented. To be honest, that they have Coldstone here in Japan but they don't carry cake batter ice cream is one of the greatest abominations in the known world.
- Instrument: I want to learn guitar and piano.

- Jewelry:
I wear a lot of necklaces, and in the summer I like bracelets, anklets, and rings as well.
- Job: Artist.

- Kids:
I don't have any right now, obviously. I would like to adopt and/or birth one day. Brangelina style.
- Kickboxing or karate: I am interested in doing either.
- Keep a journal?: You are reading it.

- Longest Car Ride:
I've taken two-week or longer trips by car.
- Love: I want to love and be loved.
- Letter: J, for my name. Plus, Sensei calls me that.
- Laughed so hard you cried: Sometimes, yes. It is a great feeling, isn't it?
- Love at first sight: I believe in it. I don't think love needs a reason.

- Milk flavour:
Milk is good in almost any flavor. A personal favorite is raspberries in milk.
- Movie: I love movies. My favorite of all time is Labyrinth.
- Mooned anyone?: No, of course not!
- Marriage: Yes, I want to.
- Motion sickness?: I don't really get it, thank god.
- McD's or BK: Mc D's, though I am not fond of fast food hamburger joints (other places like Subway or Taco Bell, for example, I love)

- Number of Siblings:
One brother and one sister.
- Number of Piercings: None. I would like to pierce my ears though.
- Number: 7 or 4

- Overused Phrases:
Does crying count..?
- One wish: To be in mutual love (I dislike one-sided love)
- One phobia: I am terrified of ants. They are not allowed to crawl on me. I certainly do not give them permission to do that!

- Place you'd like to live:
I wish that Tokyo was a tropical city, to be honest. Like Hawaii. I need to live in/near Tokyo for my life and career, but I hate the weather. I would love it to be and look like Hawaii. Maybe I will buy a house there one day.
- Pepsi/Coke: I don't care, whichever. I like my cola sweet, but I can rarely drink it these days. I have to drink zero calorie versions, but they taste pretty gross.

- Quail:
It tastes good, yes.
- Questionnaires: What about them?

- Reason to cry:
Broken heart.
- Reality T.V.: I absolutely love Survivor and ANTM most seasons (cycle 14 is terrible so far though). I usually love TAR, but this season is boring also.
- Radio Station: I don't even own a radio.
- Roll your tongue in a circle?: There are people who can't?

- Song:
Recently I have been listening to Weird Al. For a song that describes what I want, I'd say "Love Story" by Tailor Swift.
- Shoe size: 10 or 27cm
- Sushi: My favorite is hotate. They're so sweeeeeeeet.
- Skipped school: Not until college.
- Slept outside: I used to go camping all the time.
- Seen a dead body?: Not in person.
- Smoked?: God no, of course not.
- Skinny dipped?: No. I really feel that my private parts are only for me and my lover. They are not special if I just showed them to anyone. Hence why I can't go to onsens without a towel.
- Shower daily?: Unless I am under the weather. Though I prefer baths in the winter, because the bathroom is just too cold.
- Sing well?: This is something that I really wish that I could do.
- In the shower?: When I am in a good mood, sometimes.
- Swear?: I do a bit, but not overly.
- Stuffed Animals?: My kappa and giant goldfish.
- Single/Group dates: Single dates are WAY more fun. Intimacy is key.
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Raspberries. Though I like all berries.
- Scientists need to invent: a sonic shower, transporter, high-speed space travel, and replicators.

- Time for bed:
Usually by midnight or 1 am if I'm running late.
- Thunderstorms: I like them if it is warm outside.
- Touch your tongue to your nose?: Not talented in that way.

- Unpredictable:
I am..
- Under the influence?: I don't really drink.
- Understanding?: I strive to be. But understanding does not equal accepting.

- Vegetable you hate:
I am not fond of tomatoes or asparagus.
- Vegetable you love: Onions, chili peppers, eggplant, beans, bok choy, celery, etc..
- Vacation spot: A tropical island sounds nice to me.

- Weakness:
Ants. Low self-esteem.
- When you grow up: I want to earn a lot of money doing things I love, and have the ability to influence a lot of people.
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: I don't think anyone is really like me. Not that I know of at least.
- Who makes you laugh the most: It depends. Probably Erin, though she isn't in Japan anymore.
- Worst feeling: A broken heart.
- Wanted to be a model?: Never thought of it until I moved to Japan, and never wanted to until a year or so ago.
- Where do we go when we die: I hope that we are reborn into a new body. I'd hate to think that it's just all over. What would be the point then?
- Worst weather: Cold and rainy. Or anything really humid.
- Walk with a book on your head?: I can. Can you?

- X-Rays:
I've had them now and then.

-Year it is now:
-Yellow: The warm sun.

- Zoo animal:
- Zodiac sign: Leo.

PS: I'm loving answering all kinds of questions here! Ask me one?: http://www.formspring.me/jamielynnlano
孤児: Strangekoji on March 24th, 2010 04:05 pm (UTC)
Yeah looking at the weather it got as cold down there in Tokyo as it is here in Niigata 0.0. Just be glad you havn't had it all week! I'm so looking forward to going to Tokyo tomorrow niiiight~~

Absurd stories? Nothing huge sticks out in my mind, I can only think of short incidents. Seeing a unicyclist pass by my while at a stop sign in my neighborhood walking home from school, staying at a love hotel with friends, accidentally walking into a Star Wars promotion and getting my picture taken with storm troopers, having vegemite licked off my belly (not proud of that one..), randomly modeling for a school magazine without knowing it first.

Oh wait I got one. I have climbed to the top of Mt. Fuji with a group of other exchange students. We spent the night near the top before going on in the morning. All of us had to pee, but that high up, there is no plumbing. There were "toilets" that were apparently just holes in the ground in stalls. It was so cold the boys apparently couldn't pee, and the stench of the toilets was so bad I had no desire to use them. So I had a friend keep a look out, walked up the trail a bit, and peed on Mt. Fuji. Yep, left my mark on it forever. Sorry Japan~ ok that was no where near as cool as your story but all I got for now!
孤児koji on March 24th, 2010 04:12 pm (UTC)
Movie: I love movies. My favorite of all time is Labyrinth.

lol, I read this while listening to the Labyrinth Soundtrack XD
Patrickmanoffeeling on March 24th, 2010 04:07 pm (UTC)
Is that your toes in that picture? They are super long.
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on March 24th, 2010 04:18 pm (UTC)
It's actually my fingers ^^;
laydeneko: immaturelaydeneko on March 24th, 2010 06:35 pm (UTC)
My kinda funny-after-the-fact was when I was moving. I had a box in my arms and couldn't see where I was going. My foot got caught in the dirty clothes (aka a bra) laying around, and instead of putting the box down and untangling myself, I hopped around on on foot trying to get it off. So naturally, I tripped and fell flat on my face. And I ended up breaking 3 bones in my foot. That was the worst 3 months of my life!
arthurfrdent: kermitararthurfrdent on March 24th, 2010 07:03 pm (UTC)
great meme... heh, I may steal it ;)

curious to see if you are involved/going to the Tokyo Anime Fair... Getting reports from the guys at ANN, since they are there, dunno if you go in for that stuff. Interestingly when I see stuff about Tokyo, I think of you, because of your photographs...
ShadowNiteWolfshadownitewolf on March 24th, 2010 09:15 pm (UTC)
I need to fill this out but wanted to say that we both have the same middle name =D

I'm actually named after my mom who's Lindley but Lynn I like <3

And you like wolves too! ^__^
sleep_deprivedyurasama_love on March 25th, 2010 01:35 am (UTC)
I love this meme.
And if you like tropical places, what about Okinawa? Isn't that sort of tropical??
As for absurd stories... At Fanime 2007 (an anime convention in San Jose, CA), my friends and I were wandering around late at night, bored, when we saw some guy sitting by himself near a curtain. Curious, we approached him, asked what he was doing (guarding the curtain, so people wouldn't walk through it because that was the exit to something) and then we decided to sit down with him. Only we were on the ground and not on a chair. We then forced him to tell us about his day, but in a story format. After that, we yelled at people to join us and tell us stories. I think a few people joined us and they probably thought we were drunk. But it was pretty odd.
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on March 25th, 2010 02:33 am (UTC)
LOL wtf.

Andas for Okinawa. It's sub-tropical, so it actually gets cold (unfortunately). But the problem is that it's not Tokyo, same as Hawaii is not Tokyo. Unfortunately. One day far enough in the future, Tokyo will be a tropical country (yay global warming), so I look forward to that day and hope it comes while I am still young enough to wear a bikini.
Vickytoldtojoinlj on March 25th, 2010 04:40 am (UTC)
I could go on and on about random stories my girls and I have experienced, though probably not as epic as your karaoke story. At Anime Iowa, one of my friend had been drinking (not too much, but... enough xD), and I was with her at the hotel's bar (drinking as well), chatting with two voice actresses (one of whom had also been drinking with us). At some point, my friend snorted while laughing, and I explained to the voice actress who was drinking with us and found her snorting hilarious, that my friends and I used to count how many times she'd snort during our hangouts for lawls. She was excited to take part in this, and in the end, within 5 hours or so, we made said friend snort over 100 times. And that's just *one* thing that occurred during that time period. We also had mooners, "amazingly erect nipples", con police swarm, and a few other things. Most of these things, my snort-laughing friend doesn't remember. xD
amazucerise on March 25th, 2010 04:54 am (UTC)
I must steal this meme when I'm less lazy XD

Tropical places!! I would love to live in Hawaii too. I've got a few friends who live there, and I'm so jealous. They go walking around in shorts like... mid-September. But it's so hot in the summers!

I'm also not so good with the whole humidity thing. >< It makes me feel like jumping in the shower every half an hour. T^T