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13 February 2010 @ 11:37 am
Eeeeeel dinner yum!!  
A few weeks ago, I went with some friends to check out an eel retaurant in Omeotesando.

I have to say... I love Omotesando! I love eel! I love friends! But really, the eel course wasn't the best. Eel is always good, but things like shiro-yaki (just grilled, no spices, nothing) is really bland, and eel pickled in vinegar.... well, I am a non-vinegar girl so that didn't really go down well. I will take eel-donburi (minus the rice, lol! White rice is a waste of calories. Gimme yummy, flavorful food with every bite I take!) any day! But nomg, eel-bone crackers were one of the most original and unexpectedly delicious things that I've ever tried in Japan! Ten thumbs up for the eel bone crackers! I just need to find a store near me that carries them (in bulk) now. =D

The aforementioned eel bone crackers (of love!)

Grilled eel livers... yum! Okay, liver isn't my favorite thing. I feel that it tastes a little bit like dirt somehow.

Eel cooked in fried egg, sort of like an omelet. TThe problem with this is that there are not really any spices used, so it's also rather bland. I think it would taste GREAT with some sauce! But as it was, it was pretty bland.

Eel is by far the best when grilled with this sauce. But unfortunately there wasn't enough sauce and their blend was rather light. More flavor, please! Eel is very delicate, so it needs a lot of help to bring out the yumminess locked away inside!

Eda being weird.. XD

The whole gang (minus Adele, who took the picture)

Another shot courtesy of Adele and her awesome camera.. me and Eda, lol.

Adding Ale to the mix XD

Our bill.. XD

You'd never know, but we weren't full and since Omote-sando is just another name for "fancy area down the street from Harajuku", we headed to Takeshita-doori for crepes!

All of the crepe pictures I stole from Adele. =D

Me + crepe! You know, the funny thing is, I had never had a crepe or even seen a crepe before coming to Japan. So, just like Chou Cremes, I consider them a japanese food, lol. Weird. America doesn't really do street food (outside of pedestrian-friendly big cities like New York), so I guess that's why we don't really see crepes.

And randomly, Individuality :) What a refreshing sight after the sea of black/grey/drab that is "fashion" in Tokyo.

I wonder sometimes whether if people wore more colors, there would be less suicides along train lines here. Just a thought =D

I wonder... does anyone think that I should make a *fun* travel-guide for Tokyo? Seriously, travel guides never cover the places that I go, and it seems like people always want to go to them... I wonder if it would sell. Sometimes I wish that people would make them for me so that I didn't have to do so much research to find cool places, but it just doesn't seem to exist!

Do you think it would sell? I wonder..
[hikari]x_hikari on February 13th, 2010 03:06 am (UTC)
if you ever write a fun travel guide I would totally buy it!!!!
It's so true, all the travel guides always have the same places to recommend, I mean I do want to see those places but there are more fun things that I'd like to see too!!

<3 <3 <3 3