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Eda's bday at the Princess Cafe!

Exactly what it says.... Da da daaaaan~~ My best friend Eda's birthday @ The Princess Heart Cafe!

This actually happened on January second, but the reason that I didn't post about it until now was that I used the picture/subject in my Asahi weekly column, so I couldn't post about it until the article came out (it's now off the shelf). I think that next time I post, I will do it right about the same time, to remind people to pick it up if they can!! (By the way, I am going to be on the cover in the near future-- will let you all know when! ^o^/)

Anyways, the Princess cafe.... It should have been called the Disney Princess Cafe, as Disney princess music piped endlessly through the speakers. But it was fun!!!! (Despite allowing smoking, there was nobody smoking nearby, thank god!) To be honest, until they make it non-smoking, I can't recommend it, but I will put it on my list of places that I will gladly recommend when they get with the program! =D

Just in case, here is the official site. There are directions there if you are brave enough to chance smoke!

The menu was such... XD

Birthday girl dilettantka

Me... in the bathroom, lol!! I tried to dress like a princess, but I didn't have anything to wear, lol!! Not a good princess, me. XD;; Not to mention that I don't really have anything that I like appropriate for this horrible Tokyo cold. Brrrrrr!!

My drink! I don't remember what it was called anymore, but it was pretty good!

One of the many delicious dishes in our course menu!

Eda got a special plate in honor of her birthday =D

Princess Eda!

Hello Cinderella!

This is what we got... well, most of us received one with the center creature still standing.. When I first saw this.. well, maybe you can guess what I thought! XD;;

I also assumed these were boobs, but public opinion seems to think that they were eyes! Uhhh...were they really?

Group picture! (This is from Adele's camera, as in mine my head was cropped out! It might have been better that way, now to think of it! XD;;)

Just to note.... Tokyo is really, really cold right now! It was snowing well past noon today! During the DAY!! WTF, isn't winter almost over? *waits for spring with all of the impatience in the world* I don't know how you guys do it in colder places. In winter, you look virtually the same every day-- because guaranteed you do not own as many coats as you do outfits. (Or do you? If you do, post pictures please!!!)

I did get a new Spring coat yesterday in Shibuya when getting lunch with friends! It's white, so I'm going to dye it or color on it with Copic markers... fuuuuuuuun!
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