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A few days ago... actually on my only day off in weeks but I digress... I was out with Mami and we went looking for cinnamon sticks (my new health food of choice, lol).

And we found these----> Apples!! Mini apples!! Granted, my hand is a little bit bigger than most girls, but it's smaller than most guys... and look how tiny the apple is in comparison!! They're so cute!!!!

They are called Hime-ringo ("Princess Apples") in Japanese, and according to Mami they are very popular! I don't know how I've managed to go so long without seeing one but.. ^o^;;

Anyways, they taste... drumroll.... exactly like apples! =D Yum!!! I like the little package.... cute and bite-sized! (If they used this apple on the cover of Twilight, what would that say about B&E's love? LOL don't listen to me!)

I love talking about new (and/or weird) food! Not to mention, it makes for a short and easy psot while I'm at work! So I don't fall into the habt of neglecting my lj. Plus, I love to let my friends know I'm alive.. and I get to know the people that comment on my lj that I've never met. I wish that I could meet all you guys one day! Promise me you'll come to my concert if I ever have one by some chance! =D
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