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14 October 2009 @ 07:46 pm
It's really fall, isn't it?  
I haven't been writing in my journal a lot... Sorry about that! I always mean to, and then get off doing something else. There is a lot on my plate, and it's sometimes hard to get it done without a desk! =D Yeah, you heard me! I need to buy a desk, but I'm so picky. I want something unusual, so I guess that it's really up to me to build myself one (when I have time). That said, anybody have any good examples of cool desks?

Honestly, I want to post a bunch of pictures before I go back to the manga studio tomorrow. Maybe it will help clear my mind so that I can use my last night before work on my own projects!! (^o^)/

I'm still waiting for friends to send me pictures from my friend Adele's Canadian Thanksgiving party. That was fun and I met a lot of nice people! But it turns out that I didn't take very many pictures... ^^;; Oops!

So, when Jaq was here, we went to see Tenimyu together! I wasn't all that impresse, honestly. Of course most of the actors did a great job (I was especially impressed with Sanada), but the songs weren't memorable, and there was no tension. Too bad, really. But I look forward to the next one... hopefully they make up for it! Although right now, I'm a bit put-off to the musical for personal reasons, I'm sure that I'll recover! (Someone help me!)

Anyways..... these pictures are OLD now, but I saw Lindsay and Jaq at Yoyogi park one afternoon~

Lindsay(starrbeam), Jaq (thesundaywriter), and me. =D

And to prove how old this is.... this was the day that I went to the Indian Festival (it was nearby, so complete coincidence!) and found the love of my life, the Jolokia peppers!!

Lindsay taking a picture of the infamous Takeshita street in Harajuku (next to Yoyogi park)

Lindsay x Wolfgang Pucks?

Me x Wolfgang Pucks!

We both got ice cream and behind us is the infamous street ^^ Haven for the fashioable Tokyo kid =D

On the day that I went with Jaq to Tenimyu, which was being held at Tokyo dome, there was a gorgeous almost-full moon!

Possibly the worst name for a theater ever?? Unless you were going for the macabe angle??

Eda (dilettantka) joined us, and we tried the incredibly UN-scary freefall ride-thingy they had there. I am so disappointed. T-T (Hey, anybody notice that I'm tall? XD)

Doraemon eating Eda... it was at the right height to eat my rear, but I didn't get a picture of that ^o^;;

Doraemon showing his true colors!

Eda stole a police motorcycle! ....!!

Well, there is a lot of work to get done!! When I get pictures from people, I will post Thanksgiving goodness!! *^-^*

....Even better, there is (real) Thanksgiving next month! =D I can't wait!! It's likely that I will be at work again, but I'll make sure to get together with someone at some time and at least eat out if not at home!
akibareakibare on October 15th, 2009 04:00 am (UTC)
I can't say it's "cool" by any external judgement (not that *I* am "cool" in any way anyhow) but the desk I have that's the best desk ever in my life, is just a solid core wooden door over two file cabinets, covered with the "vinyl tablecloth" stuff you get on rolls in department stores (in Japan) with pictures and random reference under the vinyl.

It's strong, it's big enough (3 feet wide standard door means 3 feet deep), it's LONG enough (standard US door is 8 or so feet), I can have my computer on one end and still endless space for writing/drawing/making collage/doing whatever. It disassembles, if for some reason you have a room with no space you can store the door in the back of the closet or against a wall and stack the filecabinets in a corner and just live without the desk. Plus bottom line it's cheap. I clip a high power desk lamp on the back edge, all is good.

So... big piece of wood on file cabinets. "Big" being whatever fits in your room.

As I kid I always had the standard 学習机 with the shelves and light, it was way too small. Finally I couldn't move it anymore (spent some time renting a room in a rooming house smaller than most closets) and gave it away, when I got a bigger room I went for the door thing and never looked back.

...those Guinness peppers are STILL crazy :D
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on October 15th, 2009 03:36 pm (UTC)
Now that is totally awesome!! Though I don't have the room for something that big, I was kind of leaning toward doing something similar. ^^ The problem is where to find wood!! I'll have to go looking around~~ And of course what to use instead of file cabinets (unless I can find eclectic ones)... maybe cinder blocks if they're not too heavy..
akibareakibare on October 15th, 2009 06:34 pm (UTC)
You can maybe try a building supply store there too, but dunno specifics.

For file cabinets, I just have plain shiny black ones, which actually manage to look pretty cool just as they are (the wooden door is light colored wood). Definitely I preferred the black to the sort of odd flesh toned ones :) But then just over time I've put stickers on the file cabinets too, old campaign stickers and record store stickers and the like, plus I have magnetic poetry on there, so it's pretty fun.

The one possible problem with cinderblocks is that they aren't finished nicely for inside use in a non-shoe wearing house. They can kinda crumble on the edges and result in some cement dust. But there are other options too, milk crates (if you could get the real ones with the metal bands around the top) or even just two little bookshelves of the right height, you can face them with the shelves pointed outward and stick the top on them.