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14 September 2009 @ 02:26 pm
Prints update~~  
Hey everyone!
Remember those prints that I offered preorders for a while back?
Sorry I've gotten so busy! It's a long story (mainly having to do with hectic insane work in the studio), but basically they had to be put on temporary hold for a while.. (hence the delay)

But next weekend, I will put up a post with more detailed information (barring some natural disaster)! Including the number of prints in the series, what they are, dimensions, prices (the preorders got it at a discount), and more! I have a lot of off-time coming to me after this week, so expect them to be finished within the next few weeks (my goal is before the end of the month)! If you have any questions before next week, then please email me at the same address I used for paypal! I will be in the studio this week so respones may be slow but I'll get back to you! In other cases, please stay tuned for the update next week!