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14 September 2009 @ 04:01 am
Alien pasta and cardboard people!  
And last but not least.... some random photos and thoughts from today/this weekend!!!

So we left the studio Friday night and I slept like crazy once I got home... Saturday (yesterday), I went out with an old pal, and we had a special spa treatment, then dinner and dessert!! It was fun hanging out! I rarely get to see her, we're both so busy working on our careers!! But we did make a promise that I'll make a famous manga that has a character like her, and when it becomes a movie/drama, will cast her as the star! We both have to work really hard!! ^^

Today, I went for karaoke with Aloni, and then Eda, Sarah, and Ale joined us! We had a blast!! I haven't really gotten out and sung in a long time! It's a great way to let out the stress!! Especially when you pick stupid and fun songs to sing to! Again, no pictures of that, but I do have some odd ones from right after.....

We walked through Takashimaya to get to the place we wanted to have dinner at, and to out surprise....there was a giant fake house built out of cardboard inside!! It was really odd!! But also so cool!! Very green??? I guess..

Eda weilds the cardboard saw..

Ale and I took the giant wrenches!

Okay, but we had a little squabble...

But the thing is... I always get my way =D *grin* (well, when it involves cardboard saws, that is.. the rest of the time, it doesn't usually work out that way..)

There were even cardboard people with expensive bags!

And cardboard pets!

The five of us finally reached dinner!

I had alien food!!!!! OH BUT IT WAS YUMMY! I think it was from the planet Verde... or was it Sparta? My brain is fuzzy....

WUT? I loves my alien pasta!

I don't know what Eda was thinking...

Me and my parfait.. No idea.

And that pretty much catches me up! Now to work out, sleep, and get on with tomorrow!!
Mewgokumew2 on September 13th, 2009 07:14 pm (UTC)
God I miss Japanese desserts.....