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15 February 2003 @ 03:11 pm
Stolen from Shu-chan...  

cut, because I don't want to be annoying this time.. Sure it's just a stupid survey but.. ^^;;

Name on birth certificate: Jamie Lynn Lano
Nicknames: Hi-chan (mostly), Hinoai, Hinoai-sempai (=O-o=), Darky
Age: 22
Birthday: August 5
School: The Art Institute of Phoenix
Colour of eyes: Limpid, clear blue (feel poetic today)Height: 5'11" and if I ever grow any more, I'll plead the 5th..
Shoe size: 10 or 10 and a half.
Brothers/sisters: Somewhere in the great Pacific Northwest I have one brother who is 16 (?) and one sister who is 18(?).. I may or may not be one year off... there was even a time when I forgot whether I was 21 or 22 once.. =O-o=
Who lives with you? I have 4 roommates! =^__^= Ron, Brenda, Eric, and Mando. No blood relation to any of them, but I love them all! ^__^
When's your bedtime? Sometime after midnight.

Have you ever:
been so drunk you blacked out? No. O-o..
Missed school because it was raining: Peh. Sure, who hasn't? I love it when it rains so much that it floods. ^__^
Put a body part on fire for amusement: LOL!!! hehehe, no.
Kept a secret from someone: I do all the time.. I am generally honest, but I know when my silence is required.
Had an imaginary friend? I had an imaginary dog friend when I was little that was named Kahvik.. there was a few other dogs too, but I can't remember their names and he was the main one.. Kahvik was the one that protected me when I used to walk to school in grade school. ^^ I sometimes still see him, waiting to play, when I'm lonely or walking alone.. I will love that friend forever. ^__^
Wanted to hook up with a friend? Who hasn't?
Cried during a movie? *sniffles* Wait, this isn't a movie!!! =O-o= But yes!
Had a crush on a teacher? noooo.... sorry, senseis..
Ever though an animated character was hot? *wipes up drool* Killua who? I have no idea who this Sakuma Ryuichi is that you speak of. *drools more*
Had a New Kids on the Block tape: My friend Mira did in grade school!! Back then, I refused to listen to popular music.
Been on stage: Quite a few times, even though I'm pretty stage shy. ^^; It was.... hard, but nice because I've won a few awards. ^^
Cut your own hair: Cheap haircuts all the way! Why have someone else cut it when all I want is a simple cut that I can do myself?
Been sarcastic? Ara? Sarcastic, you say?

Shampoo: vanilla scented, and anything from herbal essences.
Soap: My favorite soap was actually one that I made at Radcon that had a bunch of different oils in it and was glycerin-based.. it also had some nice plum tea in it. =^__^=
Color: ALL OF THEM! I guess actually, I prefer to wear reds or blues. Reds bring out my skin color, and blues bring out my eyes.
Day/night: I like the day because it's sunny and the night because it's not. ^^
Summer/winter: Spring!
Lace/satin: Satin.. mmmm, nice and silky... I love to dress my characters in lace, though, because it looks cool and they don't have to worry about scratchyness.. ^__^
Cartoon Anime characters: Sakuma Ryuichi (Gravitation) and Killua Zaoldyeck (Hunter x Hunter).
Fave food: Chocolate!!!!!! *droooools*
Fave advertisement: There was one for gum, where a lady was on a bus with a bunch of annoying people.. That was great!! ^^
Fave ice cream: Chunky Monkey from Ben n Jerrys! Or Raspberry Gelato, if that counts ^^
Fave subject: Calculus, Advanced Algebra, Art in high school.. Also like
Fave drink: Thai iced tea with cream

Right now:
Wearing: You do not want to know! Still need to get dressed, but I'm still sick so leave me alone! ^_^;;
Hair is: down
I'm feeling: cheerful and slightly hungry.. I am wondering if I can keep any food down, since I threw up all of yesterday's.
Eating: nothing yet.. *eyes fridge across the room*
Drinking: water.. have to keep drinking lots of it....
Thinking: I should listen to the Hunter x Hunter soundtracks more often..
Listening: random background track
Talking to: Shu-chan and James on AIM.

In the last 24 hours:
Cried: nope.. unless you count when I was throwing up last night at the restaurant, it was so strained that I had tears in my eyes..
Worn a skirt: briefly, yes.. I was getting dressed for dinner last night and realized that I would have to shave my legs so I put pants back on ^^;
Met someone new: hmm.. nope..
Cleaned your room: OMG no. *laughs* It needs it!!
Drove a car: nope.. did the day before yesterday though..

Do you believe in:
yourself: More than anyone else does. =^__^=
your friends: I believe that if you have enough strength, you can do anything!
Santa Claus: Of course! *is serious*
Tooth Fairy: Actually, not this one, I don't think..
Destiny/Fate: not really.. well, maybe that's wrong. I believe that people are fated to be together no matter what, but I don't believe that our end roads are a fixed path.
Angels: Not as servants of God, but yes
Ghosts: Of course. I have seen them myself. How could you not believe?
UFO's: YES. This also I have seen myself.

Friends and Life
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? yes.
Who have you known the longest: That I still talk to regularly -- Rachel.
Who's the shyest: Hmmm... me, actually.. I am a lot shyer than I look.
Who's the weirdest: Me, really.. some people will say Lauren or Chrissy, but I'm really the weirdest, and very proud of it!
Who do you go to for advice? my firends in general.. it depends on the problem, really...
Who do you cry with: LOL anyone.. ^^;
What's the best feeling in the world? Being happy..
Worst feeling: Being depressed.. sorry for being general, but it's true.

Current Music: Hunter x Hunter - Killua - Mashou no Tenshi