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Hi-chan (火ちゃん)

Cold gyoza?!

Err, that's right.... cold gyoza. Seriously.

Trying to catch up on the posts that I've been wanting to write but haven't had time to (this is a recurring theme these days, lol), last week sometime (err, when was that?! Not a clue..) I went with Kira-chan and Ulrike to check out the cold gyoza fair at Gyoza museum in Ikebukuro namco town.

Errr... while I HIGHLY recommend Gyoza museum (they have a good variety and the setting is great!!), I can't say that cold gyoza really wasa a winner... ^^;; I had gyoza shaved ice, and... well, afterwards I wish that I hadn't. I kind of assumed that it would be sweet (am I the ONLY person who has ever made gyoza and put chocolate or strawberries in the middle? Certainly not... o.o;; right?), but what I got was.. well, regular gyoza, on ice. If that's your thing, then go for it! But I prefer mine piping hot unless they're filled with chocolate and strawberries. :3

Sushi gyoza.... These were Kira's, not mine, but I heard that they weren't too good.

Wasabi-soup gyoza (not too bad!)] Guess who chose this?! XD

And the MOST AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS gyoza so far: Cheese gyoza with cheese wings! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! It was LOVE. Seriously, LOVE. Better than the meat-sauce-with-cheese gyoza from last time. Mmmmm!

Kaki-goori (shaved ice) gyoza. So wrong in so many ways. ^^;;

Another thing about going to Namco town (it costs 300 yen to get in the door, but Gyoza museum is insidde...) is that the Ice Cream stadium is also there!! This is where you buy the famous snake ice cream and stuff like that... But I opted for the YUMMY new Zebra ice cream.... It's black sesame and milk, don't worry =D

And this was Ulrike's, but inspired by the 'deco' fashion trend, Deco ice cream... LOL

And just in case you want to go: http://www.namja.jp/gyoza/event/account/event10.html
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