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Gyoza Stadium = WIN

Gyoza it is! XD;;

If you've never been to Gyoza Stadium in Ikebukuro Sunshine City (Namja Town), then seriously, you NEED to go! Everyone needs to go!! I can't recommend it enough!!!!

Cheese gyoza. Curry soup gyoza. Jalapeño gyoza. Shark fin gyoza. Need I go on? They carry all different kinds of gyoza in the little shops in Gyoza Stadium! It's set up to look like ancient Japanese stalls, and despite the huge crowds, it's a great ambience. I really wish that I could go every week, because I definitely would. =D;;

Then there is Ice Cream Town, and how many more I can't even name =D;;

Then of course, there is Ice Cream Town, which is the home of such delicacies as Viper-flavored ice cream... You know you want it!

These were cheese gyoza (cheese inside)

My very favorite: cheese-and-meat-sauce covered gyoza!!! Mmmmmm ♥

Mmmmmmmmmm these were crab meat shao-long(?) gyoza! Mmmmm!!

Butter and garlic gyoza! Mm!

This shop's name is "Big Man".... ^_^;;

Maybe it's just me, but... I thought this was a little bit racist? Oh Japan... ^^;;;;;;;;;;


Lindsay tries chocolate fondue! Mmm!

Okay now the ice cream journey (none of which I tried, since I lack money.. but one day!!)..

Uhh, double-cheese ice cream. But, isn't one bad enough? ToT;;

Potato ice cream..

Cream cheese flavor...

Sea urchin flavor.... ^^;;;;;;

"Scent of a cow" ice cream. Wtf? Well actually it says "scent of milk" but it's funnier in the first one. And still, wtf???

Salt flavor..

Beans flavor! ^^;

Garlic, oh yes, garlic... ^^;;

Ecco.... I don't know what that means!

This is garlic, and uh... mint? Not totally sure.

Indian Curry flavor! (yum??? Err...)

Cow tongue.... flavor.. WHY?

Viper-flavor! ^^;;

Pearl flavor... what flavor is that exactly?

Miso-ramen flavor..

Shark fin flavor..

Rice-flavored! (not so bad, right?)


More salt-flavored..

Pike-flavored (yes, the fish...)



Beef ribs, mmmm.. ^^;;


Tofu-flavor... not so bad-sounding..


Chicken wing... -_-;;

Baked eggplant flavor.. ^^;;

Beer-flavored ice cream seemed to be popular..

Mmmmm yuzu kit-kats in a prize machine! I want to try these one day if I can find them in the normal store!

I ended up having gelato... Tropical, strawberry, and raspberry-chili flavor! Yum!!

Beer-flavored caramel... not for the kiddies! ^^;;

A creepy lantern in part of the stadium..

LOL and this is on a wrapper from American food! Engrish.. XDXDXD;;

This says "BJ Low Chest"... can you see why I HAD to take a picture? XD;;

This one should be obvious XD..

And have some retarded purikura! XD;;

That's all for now! XD;;
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