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Jump Festa '09 ☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★

This Saturday, I went to Jump Festa '09!! It was only my second time going, but truthfully, this time was really, really special for me and my coworkers and I were invited as guests. =^__^=

I went mainly for work, to see sensei's Tenipuri stage. We had the best seats ever, and it was so impressive!!!! Everyone did such a great job!! I really, really loved the stage! If only it could have lasted longer than 30 minutes! My favorite part was, of course, the uniforms. ^^; It was a little bit embarrassing, but I am still REALLY happy to see them actually make it to the screen. *proud* I am so proud of everyone!

Right now, we have two weeks off for the holidays, but my main thought is, "I WANT TO BE BACK AT WORK!!" I honestly have never felt this way before. And while my work is really demanding, sometimes makes me cranky, and really is bad on the weight (I gained) and sleep (what sleep?), in the end it's really, really fulfilling. It's also the beginning of one of my dreams. After JUMP Festa, I've set my heart on making my own manga debut (not as an assistant) in Shonen Jump. It's GOTTA be Shonen Jump. Until I make my debut, I'm going to work my hardest!!

After the stage, I wandered around with some of my coworkers, met up with a few friends, got a chance to meet some great seiyuu, and more or less enjoyed the morning/afternoon. Then we went to Tenimyu, which is a story in it's own. For now....

This is the station when I arrived.... WOW SO CROWDED!! :O;;;; How many of these people were Tenipuri fans, I wonder..

I FOUND GON!!! YAYAYAYAYAAAAY!!! So HxH isn't completely dead, though I really feel like Togashi-sensei has run out of steam. I wish that I knew him so that I could give him some encouragement.. ToT

Always a fan of the pretty ladies ♥

HAHAHA I wanted to draw some snot coming out of his nose, but... too much else to do today, lol.

This was really awesome!! I wonder who did the sculpting for it..

Seriously creepy, those slimes are..

Giant Ryoma.. XD;;;; It was one of the few..

Ore-sama no bigi ni yoi na~ <3

Ryoma's SO CUTE! <3 I love Ryoma <3<3<3 And so tiny!

Something that I saw near Tokyo station afterwards... HOW COOL IS THAT! And wtf is the point? XD;; Chocolate + Car = Awesome <3
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