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I got in trouble today by one of my closest friends for saying some very stupid things.. I'm really very sorry... I'm just a baka, really. But you know that I love you, and was really being a retard when I wrote that stuff. -_-;;; You people that aren't around me in person, you're really lucky. I am sometimes thoughtless (unintentionally!), and I make a lot of mistakes.. I'm glad that I have such understanding tolerant friends, really!!

I just needed to say that... but let's move on and not think of sad things! (I'm good at ignoring them... whether that is good or bad I can't say..) A few days, my SEKRIT LUVR good friend Greg invited me to a small dinner party at his house. Ooooooooooh dinner parties, me LOVES them!! ♥♥♥ I need to have some once I have a new place (this one is too cold to be comfortable in the winter). So from next Spring I will continue the tradition, YESH!!♥♥♥

So, at this gorgeous dinner party, I tried some things that I never, ever thought that people ate, let alone that I would eat! Well, I'll eat almost anything, and I'm not completely ashamed to say that even though some of them (at right) tasted like fingernails, I might have just eaten a lot. To occupy my mouth. LOL it really seems like I need something to occupy it these days *shot* ^^;;

They're a delicacy in China. Well, come on chinese people, what is up with you? Delicacy is codeword for "so useless who would want them?" But I might see if I can find some to buy tomorrow and give to EVERYONE I SEE. XDXDXD;;;;;;;;;

First, NESSIE is a camwhore =D Part the 11th:

Isn't she cute? (=^o^=)

HERE THEY ARE..........

On the left is deer horn, cut, dried, and sliced for your enjoyment. It tastes suspiciously like a fingernail (DON'T ASK HOW I KNOW..) Are you sure you want to know what the other one is???

It's..... DEER PENIS! Why did I eat this? But on the other hand, how could I have not???? ^^;;

It was my first time having Champagne... but since Greg works for Dom Perignon, the liqueur was flowing freely... ^^;;; Will I become a lush? Erk..

Flaming mushrooms... like most of the people in the room =D

He transformed his apartment since the last time that I saw it!! omg so many aquariums.. I am inspired, I am definitely going to do the same thing to my next place, it's already decided!!!!!!!!!!!! :O Even the COFFEE TABLE was an aquarium!!! :O

I love fishies <3http://namutaku.net/livejournal5/party09.jpg

And chocolate with real gold flakes!!!! O.O!!! But we forgot to eat them.... Y_Y

Another first...... RAW BEEF! I was half-convinced that I would die.. but I didn't. And it was possibly the BEST beef that I've ever had! Beef sashimi FTW! I've become a follower forever..... ♥raw food..

The main dish (I didn't get a good picture, light was really low..) was persimmon and beef stir fry! I think I'm in heaven (or I was...)..

Greg tried to teach us how to play the chinese flute.... Now if only he knew how to play! =D;;;;;; I couldn't either. (>_<)/

Leaving the party.... I was being weird yesterday..

Have I lost weight??? You bet! It was really, really hard won too. I suck at diet/exercise. But I will continue to keep it up and transform remaining fat into muscle, and then be healthy yay!! <3 Right?

Yesterday I had escargot in Roppongi... LOL

Messing around in Harajuku with Lindsay.... Here Lindsay tries on a hat that she will never ever buy.. GO CANADA!

(The saddest thing was, I saw two girls in hats similar to that outside the store right after that... orz..)

Me gangsta! LOL the light does nothing for my hair!!

Shh!!! Oh man, I wanted those... (christmas present!!?? ToT)

Lindsay beats me =D =D =D But I still want the earmuffs!!

Aah, it's refreshing to publish pictures in my lj again. I somehow got out of the habit for one reason or another, and I've got to get back in it, YESH! (>_<)/

In other news, I've been SO busy. There seems to be more and more on my plate. But I will slowly get around to it all. =^__^= I LOVE being busy! Would that I were more constantly occupied...
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