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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! And just a general update...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Okay, it's a few days late, but... I ended up going to a party at starrbeam's house on Halloween. Although I was still foggy-minded, I had a really fun time! I dressed as Oshitari for lack of something else, bu she was Bunta, so we kind of sort of fit? XD;;; When I get copies of the pictures that everyone took, I'll post some. ^^ So more on that later!! ^^ What did everyone else do for halloween?

More on the foggy mind... Ever since getting back from work on Wed afternoon, I've been really foggy-headed. It's like I can't think straight. I'm actually afraid that I might be getting sick? But it's such bad timing, KOTOWARU!!!! On Thursday, I went out with Lindsay to get yummy sweets... we had CUPCAKES!! The most amazing cupcakes ever. =D And at the end of the afternoon we ended up in a butler cafe by coincidence!! It was really, really fun to get called "Princess" by guys dressed up as butlers. =^___^= I definitely will go back!

See, I can't concentrate or I would write a lot more about it, lol...... Anyways, it seems that somebody leaked the news about Tenipuri all over the internet. LOL of course. We start production on it very soon, and it would be putting it mildly to say that I'm so excited!!! It really feels like I've been so lucky to be able to work with one of my idols, and on a manga that I've loved for years and has made such a big difference in my life. Please please please read Tenipuri!! =^_____^= Or we'll have no jobs! LOL

More on that... this week was actually a really great week for work! I learned a LOT about how to draw manga the traditional way (no computers here!! o.o), and a lot of new techniques from my sempais. Then Konomi-sensei surprised us by taking us all out to play golf on Tuesday! Oh my...... it was my first time, and M and I were on a team, and we wiped the floor with everyone else, even in all of our crappiness =3 We've got team spirit, yes we do!! ♥ I really, really love my coworkers, and I swear, when sensei took us out for ice cream afterwards (among other things), I was sure that I've got the best boss in the entire world. <3 I can't wait for Monday's special outing, either. ^_^ It will definitely prepare us for what I hear is going to be very stressful and intense work!

Ooooooh life, I love life right now! <3 I wish that I could share the happy with everyone! It's actually only just now starting to sink in that I've taken the first tiny step to making one of my biggest dreams come true. Mangaka here I COME!!! =D But I can barely think straight enough these days to string two words together, lol. Must get the fuzzy away!
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