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06 October 2008 @ 12:10 am
Play play play yay!! <3  
Today I went to see my friend Oohashi Hikaru's new play, Nemuranai Yoru no Honky Tonk Blues Kanketsuhen ~Host Sanjou~ (what a mouthful, lol!). I'm glad that I went!! Even though the speaking is really fast in this series of plays, it was fun and interesting. I can't resist plays about host clubs, after all, ne! =D;;;

Afterwards Lindsay said that she wanted to meet Takahiko Yanagisawa (I believe he was in FROGS?), so Hikaru introduced us, and he said that he knew of Konomi-sensei! I was like, huuuuh? Turns out that he played Muromachi Toji (the guy in Yamabuki with the glasses) in Tenimyu! LOL and so yet again, my life intersected a tenimyu actor. What the heck, it's like I can't get away (not that I mind, lol!!). He was really nice, anyways, really cute :3

We thought that one of the girl actors (Komatsu Ayaka) looked a LOT like the girl who played Sailor Venus in the Pretty Guardian Sailormoon drama a few years ago... and I looked her up just now and it turns out that she did! LOLOL now I kinda wish I'd talked to her :3 She's really cute! ^^

So, after the play some of us went out and chatted for hours. It was a lot of fun!! Eiko hisashiburi!! And I made some new friends too ♥ Somehow we ended up talking about the strangest things at dinner, like the sounds that animals make, and how talking about wood in reference to a man in english might be a strange thing to say, at the least.. LOL good, good times, gotta hang out with Hikaru's crew more often. =^-^=

The dinner crew :3

Me and Lindsay♥ (gah I need to do something with my hair, it's looking BAD again..)

LOL Hikaru sez wat?

The other pair: Lindsay sez wat?

These swings are from a local park. ^^

Beautful sunset from a few days ago:

Train tracks

And sunflowers ^^

Waaaah why are the leaves already changing color? ToT

My new favorite park is Chofu park <3<3<3

akibareakibare on October 5th, 2008 05:20 pm (UTC)
I really like those kind of "random slice" pictures. Really miss those kind of swings too, I was trying to explain to some people recently that the swings when I was a kid had those long straight links and you stand up...

Isn't it fun to be watching something and have the "wait, that guy looks familiar..." moment? I'm terrible with the names of actors, but always "he's the guy who plays Mr. X in show Y, isn't he?" and then look it up, and yep...

Last night I went to see 電車男 (theater near my house had it on the big screen) and one guy looked really familiar, finally I recognized, one of the backup 2ch guys is currently playing in the history drama 篤姫. What a difference, a wig makes...
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on October 6th, 2008 06:03 am (UTC)
Aw, thank you! ^^ I need to take more pictures like that, for sure. ^^

LOL yeah I had no idea this guy was in Tenimyu at all until he told us. XDXD The girl though, I do wish that I'd talked to her.. ^^;; Missed chance!

One of the 1st cast ichinensei from Tenimyu was also one of the 2chers in Densha Otoko (the tv series, not the movie). Such a small world!!