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Hi-chan (火ちゃん)

20th Century Boys the movie!!

Last night I went to the see the 20th Century Boys movie!!

Oh. My. God. !! That was a great adaptation of a great manga!! I was thoroughly happified with the casting and acting, as well as the special effects, setting, pacing, and plot. It's hard to impress me with character looks, especially, on a manga/anime/etc adaptation, but this time they were spot-on!! ^___^ (I especially loved teen-Kanna's hair, YAY!! THANK YOU FOR FINALLY DOING IT RIGHT! =D)

The movie started out at the beginning of the manga and ran all the way until the first appearance of teen-Kanna. I especially liked how they left off on an uplifting note, especially after the depressing events right beforehand (I'm being vague to avoid manga spoilers, because it's a series that I highly recommend!! Read it! ^O^). OMG. The robot was EXACTLY like I'd pictured it would be, and FRIEND was so creepy. Wow. They handled the flashbacks really well, the pacing was perfect, and best of all, the cinematography was top-notch and the film quality was amazing!! ♥ I am completely in love, and I can't wait for the second film at the end of January next year!! It can't come soon enough!!

In conclusion... GO READ 20TH CENTURY BOYS!!!! And then watch the DVD when it comes out. <3 Or if you're in Japan, go to the show! Now!!! ^^ It gets my highest seal of approval!

PS: I finally got to hear Kenji's song, yay!! I need to buy this soundtrack ♥
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