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13 September 2008 @ 07:22 pm
Konomi Takeshi here I come!!????????  
I sent in my application to be Konomi Takeshi's manga assistant today.. I can't believe that I actually did it... ._.;; It might seem like I have confidence if you don't know me, or if you don't see me a lot, but I don't. I do, but I don't. I'm not sure really how to put it except that.. I'm original? ^^;; I am sure that I can do this kind of job, but I don't have confidence in an interview or talking with business people in Japanese. At all. Actually, the idea that they might call me back scares me so much that I nearly start to cry.... Eeeeeps....

Anyways, Konomi-sensei stated that he was okay with newcomers, and he wanted people that could reproduce two specific pages from PoT volume 27. So I looked that volume up in my bookcase (lucky that I had it already! It was right where I started collecting years ago) and got it out and sat down and said... 'so now, how do I do this?" I really am a beginner, in that I don't know a lot of details about how a lot of pros work. I did visit with friend Noda-sensei (mangaka for another JUMP magazine) a few years ago, and him and Yuko showed me some of the ropes, so I drew heavily on both that experience, my experience from architecture class in art school, and my own experience trying to make my own doujinshi. And voila! I learned a LOT. Or rather, taught myself a LOT. So many things that I had never really done before! ^O^ Of course, it was just copying pages that other people had already drawn, so it was simple, yet it took a lot of time and I paid so much attention to detail that it maybe took about 20 hours from start to finish? My guesstimation.. It was a lot of work, but fun in the end even if I did end up with headaches. I could definitely see myself happily doing those kinds of things every day for a while. (and get paid!)

And to work on Konomi's next project.... what a great dream!! But I am terrified that they'll actually call me and want to interview me. Scared stiff.... but let's see.... it's all up to the office staff now! Maybe they won't call, maybe they will... I have no idea. I wonder if there is any kind of a real chance here. But one thing I know for sure, I am glad that I gave it a shot, and I am really fired up to draw my own mangas now!! But.. wish me luck!! I could not have done this without the help of friends cheering me on. Especially dilettantka and Mamiko. <3<3 Both of whom cheered me on, and helped me write my resume and cover letter in japanese (or kind of wrote for me.. urk). Now I must not let everyone down, and study study STUDY!!!! (japanese)

I mailed it today. It's a 3-day weekend because of 'Respect for the Elderly day' on Monday (I solemnly swear to be slightly extra careful not to bump into any super-annoying old people on the street while on bicycle Monday!), so I could not possibly hear back until Tuesday at the very earliest, which isn't likely. Soooooo.... it's time to ANSHIN SHIMASU! (relax) Which actually means study japanese like a crazy person, and draw draw DRAW. :3 (and somewhere in there, Karoke, go to the HxH doujinshi event, Saiyuki musical, and see the 20th Century Boys movie).

And speaking of feeling accomplished, yesterday I mailed in my voter registration and registered for the JLPT level 2. One of these things is easy, the other is going to kick my ass. GUESS WHICH!?! PS: Only voting for Obama because it's the only way to keep McCain out of office. But I'd rather vote for someone else... as if it really counted, but that is neither here nor there.
Vickytoldtojoinlj on September 13th, 2008 04:25 pm (UTC)
Ganbatte~!! :D
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on September 15th, 2008 12:27 pm (UTC)