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Bai bai Ale!! Huh what? Everytime everyday everything, kotoba ni

Bai bai miyuchan!! See you this fall, I hope!! We went out to karaoke the other day as a goodybe party, so to speak. It was really fun! They have Viking Horn from Tenimyu in Big Echo now, as well as Lion from Macross F! Yaay for Lion, though I butchered it.. Of course. This is me after all! I am still mada mada da ne on singing.. *sigh*

I am busy working on my.. employment project (#3). WISH ME LUCK!! I really need a lot of support so that I don't fall apart. I just hope for some little good thing to come of this application. Just one, that's all I want... omg. I guess that I've never wanted a job that I applied for as much as I want this one.. (something that I actually look forward to instead of dreading and doing just to make money... it's a step in the right direction if I had a shot!)

I've gotten more serious about getting better at Japanese, so for listening practice I listened to my first BL drama two nights ago, courtesy of mizukiaya.. OMG what have you done to me? It's called この罪深き夜に. And there is something distinctly odd about listening to a drama while you are riding your bike around midnight through the dark, nearly-deserted back streets of Tokyo. Don't do it. I just might have maybe kept running my bike off of the road. And then add the whole sex thing.. When you are listening to a guy on your mp3 player asking another guy on your mp3 player to "put it in.. please. I want you in me..", well... uh. It's really distracting. o.o;; *coughs* Oh Japan, you make the strangest products, I swear. Gay sex on your headphones! Call now! =D;; I had a hard time paying full attention to it while I was going, but it helped to pass the time quickly and get my exercise done and japanese study at the same time! XD Bike-riding is my replacement for running since my knee hurts a lot when I run now, and part of Employment project #2 is getting an awesome body. =D (there are currently 3 Employment Projects in the works and some side stuff)

I've also gotten somehow back into Anime. I'm not sure what happened, but I think that it started with Anime Expo. Cosplay, and then I came back and watched show after show. I caught up recently with Itazura na Kiss(♥♥) and when I have a chance I'm watching Junjou Romantica, the Prince of Tennis OAVs, and Vampire Knight. Then there is also my weekly dose of Macross Frontier and Slayers Revolution. ^^ I need to catch up on Mahou ni Taisetsu na Koto: Natsu no Sora (what a mouthful!) too.

My nerd is showing... oh no! ^^;;

****Okay seriously, how many Prime Ministers is Japan going to go through in a year?? ^^;; But the internet meme going around is awesome. =D Anata to wa Chigaun desu! mwah☆
Tags: ☆ anime/manga, ☆ being a mangaka, ☆ i heart japan
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