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03 September 2008 @ 01:08 am
Yunessun ♥♥  
This was my second time going to Yunessun (the first time was last summer). Ooooohhhhhhhh how I love thee. Now if only they would ban children, it would be hands-down the best place in all of Japan. ^^


Yunessun is a hot spring/spa resort.... and SO worth the long (2+hours) trip to Hakone. Because who can resist sitting in a coffee, sake, green tea, wine, or rose-petal bath? Also featuring great things like the ramen, charcoal, dead sea salts, and Dr. Fish baths!!

My favorite is actually the japanese-style rotenburo. Ami and I went up there right as it started raining out, and relaxed in it for the longest time. It was small, so there weren't many children splashing around in it (I don't know why they're allowed at all, seriously). It was warm and steamy and the air outside was chilly with the rain. It was heaven. <3<3<3 I could have stayed there forever! We managed to be there twice for the coffee-pouring ceremony, where real coffe is poured into the baths (or in this case, on my head =D), the rose-pouring ceremony, and the wine-pouring ceremony! Real wine!! The dead-sea salt baths made my skin feel sort of odd, but it was amazing, because no matter how hard you pushed, you couldn't sink down to the bottom! Wow! It was so cool, I want to go to the real dead sea now!

The Dr. Fish.. that is one weird thing. It's these fish that eat all of the dead skin off of your feet. They barely touched Trisha's feet, only a few got Ami's feet, but I swear they swarmed around me! ^^;;; Why me?! It was really an odd sensation... It left my feet a lot smoother than before, but it felt like little bugs were crawling all over my feet. So weird!! I'm still not sure if I would ever do it again or not (probably)..

And, uh.. the ramen baths.. They were made over to look like the ramen bowls from Kung-fu panda, and instead of noodles and chopsticks hanging from the ceiling, there was a giant statue of Bo. The water was milky white, and we got there right as some kids exited a bowl. Yay! There was only one couple in there, so we joined them until... well, you can't see in the water, and when you see a girl's shoulders moving a lot, and not looking at the boy that she's practically sitting on.. you know EXACTLY what's going on. I had to get out of there really quickly.. ^^;;; And I wasn't sure what to do. I mean.... grooooooossssss... I know that the water is already white and milky so a little more wouldn't be noticed, but.. I don't want to sit in that!! ToT

So, we stayed at Yunessun until they closed at 7:30, and took a million pictures with some disposable water-proof cameras. I don't know if any of the pictures turned out, but I'll post some of them if they did!! :3 :3 We had so much fun with them!
thoughtsarefree: lazyabby_gaby on September 2nd, 2008 04:27 pm (UTC)
Sounds fun (err..except for the ramen baths haha)!! Hope to see the pictures ^_^