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12:01 means Happy Birthday to me ~♪

It's now officially my birthday!! ♥♥♥ My birthday is my favorite day of the year... In Japan, it's supposedly the hottest day of the year (and the day to eat eel, it seems), it's a great day for swimming, and it's never, ever rained that I can remember! I love it!! ^O^ It's the only time that I feel like I can completely say, "please please think about me..." and not feel too guilty. ^^;

Actually, what I like the most is that I can get together with my friends, whom are people that I really hold dear to my heart. Every year, I try to do something... and I wish that there was a way to show the appreciation that I have for you guys~♥ Even my friends that didn't or couldn't make it to my party last Saturday... to those who will see me later on today, or this week, or who will call or email or write me, I love you!! ^O^ to everyone back in the states, I love you, to everyone across the world whom I've met and made friends with, I love you, to all of you in Japan, I love you!!

So this year, since I'm so busy that I can't seem to breathe, let alone plan well, it was a bit last-minute. I planned to gather friends at the Itabashi 50th anniversary fireworks festival, sit down all day in the gorgeous sun, play games, and finish with gorgeous fireworks! Although the heat proved to be a bit overwhelming and drained the desire for games a bit, it was a LOT of fun in the end!!

I don't have pictures of everyone that came, since some people came late at night and I forgot, and some people didn't want to be photographed, but there are some good ones in here. ^^

On the way, we saw the party train! What it really was (and why it was a black train packed with only really old people), I'll never know! We kind of thought that it might be taking the elderly passengers to, um... well..

Gin joined us on the train and earlier in the day, but didn't get to come to the party since she had to pack for vacation... but it was so nice to see her! ^o^

Lindsay and I dressed in yukata, yay!! ^O^

This is what happened to our chocolate.. I guess it was a bit toasty out...? ^^;;

Eda says, "this is science at work, kids..." Okay, not really..

LOL I thought this picture captured me and Lindsay perfectly... Camera whoes unite! XDXDXD;;


Awesome awesome awesome shot!!

Close-up.. that's me in the lens.. XD

Ami came, yay!! ^^

It was HOT!! The humidity is really high in Tokyo, so it's a bit hard to handle.. but it was nice anyways. ^^

Gorgeous blue skies..

I don't know..

LOL, Erin is the best poser that I know! (no double meaning, seriously! =D)

It started to really fill up closer to nightfall..

Kat says what?

Ale <3

I took about 300 pictures of the 2-hour-long fireworks show.... but only a few were good! XD

It's now time for bed.... but I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMIE (yey!), and thank you to all of my friends who came last Saturday! I had a blast!!!
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