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14 July 2008 @ 11:57 pm
Ash like Snow....  
For some reason, I really like this picture, lol....

Last night I was scouted to be a hair model! :O It probably happened because it was dark and the guy couldn't really tell what my hair actually looked like, lol. Basically, I was walking home along a dark, unlit street, and a youngish guy on a bike started swerving over into my path. It was a little weird, but I figured that he lived in the house that I was passing or something... But no, as I moved out of the way, he moved his bike too. I was a bit freaked out when he stopped me, and wondering if I should have been more proactive in searching out self-defense classes (I should anyways!!), and kept backing away when he talked to me. He turned out to be a really nice guy who owned the salon down the street and he wanted me to be his hair model. XD;; I only believed him because there was a foam head with a wig on it lying in his bicycle basket of all things, lol! Since I'm really busy this month, I might end up doing it sometime in August. Iiiiinteresting! XD;;

Today was relatively unproductive. I can't get through whatever is preventing me from working on my stuff. I'm not sure what the problem is, but it's something that I'm going to have to tackle really seriously if I want to make the deadline to get my comic done for Comitia next month.. I did have a chance to meet Lindsay this morning and catch up, and she gave me some really gorgeous skirts and a cute t-shirt (and chocolate!).. Waaah, thank you, they fit perfectly! ^O^

Yesterday, I spent some of the money that I don't have to go to karaoke with the twins and Eda. So much fun!! ^O^// They had a TON of new Macross songs, including the title from Ranka's new single!!!!! Uwa!! ^O^ Now when they get the new Slayers song and Ranka's version of "My boyfriend is a pilot", my karaoke life will be complete!! (Oh, I also request cool videos for all of the Macross F and Gundam 00 songs, please! Why does boring SEED get all the love? ^O^;;) After karaoke, I went to see my friend Wataru's play, Mu.. It was really difficult to understand, and made me really want to ganbare on my japanese skills. I have a long way to go before I would consider myself truly conversible.

LOL, Truth in advertising.

1. Real Name - Jamie ~<3
2. Like It - Yes, I love my name, my whole name! ^^
3. Single or Taken - There is only one of me, of course! ^O^ Well, and no I'm not seeing anyone at the moment.
4. Zodiac Sign - Leo of the Monkey variety :3
5. Male or Female - I'm a girl and happy to be one~ <3
6. Elementary - Do you mean my school? I went to several different ones, the main ones being Longfellow Elem. in Washington and Monte Vista in CA. ^^
7. Middle - Park View middle school in CA and then Highlands middle school in WA.
8. High School - Kamiakin High in WA
9. Eye Color - blue ^-^
10. Hair Color Naturally brown, though occasionally now red and blondes mixed in. I think I'm going to go back close to my natural color again for a while. ^^
11. Long or Short Long!! I like long hair on me, though short hair can be really cute on other people. ^^
15. Are You a Health Freak? I'm not, but I do value my health and try to be as healthy as I can. It is on my mind more often than not these days. ^^
Where is #16?
17. Do You Have a Crush on Someone ? Does my cat count? ^^
18. Do You Like Yourself? Yes I do.. ^^ Sure, I definitely have my flaws, but I try to be as true to myself as I can, and the more that I'm successful in doing that, the better I feel about myself. ^^
19. Piercings - None.. I want to repierce my ears and pierce my belly button, but I'm really weak against pain (I threw up when I had my ears pierced, it hurt so badly!!), so I don't think that it's important enough for me to actually do it. There are always clip-ons and stick-ons for my belly! ^^
20. Tattoos - None.. don't really think it important for me to get any.. ^^
21. Righty or Lefty ? Lefty all the way! ^_______________^


22. First Surgery ? I've never had surgery that I know of.. ^^
23. First Piercing - I had my ears pierced when I was 12, I think? But they closed up soon.
24. First Best Friend ? This is really sad to say, but I'm not sure. I was way too young. It's written in my school books, which I don't have with me any more. Maybe Mira...? I really need to look her up again.. ;o;
25. First Award ?Oh my, I have no idea!! :O I got tons of awards in school and Girl Scouts and other places growing up, so I can't really say... o.o;;
26. First Sport ? LOL noooooo idea! I've never been on a sports team, so my first sport played would have been whatever we played in school or something..
27. First Pet ? We had pets that I don't remember well when I was really little (like a really pretty white dog that I vaguely remember in Montesano), but my first pet I would really count as Scratch, RIP.. I loved her so much!! <3<3<3 I still miss her to this day, and Kitty too.. ;o;
28. First Vacation ? Eh? Oh my, I have no idea. My family liked to go on vacations, especially camping and the like. We never went any place exotic like Hawaii or anything, but we did do a lot of fun things growing up! ^^
30. First Crush ? Definitely Sonic the Hedgehog... XD Don't judge me! I loved that little blue guy! =D If we're talking real people, then when I was in middle school I really loved Elijah wood. From the moment that I saw him in Huckleberry Finn, I collected and obsessively watched all of his movies! =D;; But he's not the same as a grown-up as he was as a kid.. He was such a cute little kid! I used to have dreams in which I met him in school and we became friends.. and then Sonic would join our group and we would do all sorts of awesome things using our imaginations! =D;; I was a pretty pure kid..


49. Eating ? Nothing.. it's actually past my bedtime, so I will be going there in a few minutes!
50. Drinking- Again, nothing. ^^;
52. I'm about to ? Go to beeed.. have work early in the morning! :P
53. Listening to ? "Ash Like Snow" from The Brilliant Green, I think..
55. Waiting for ? This meme to be over so that I can go to sleep, actually.. ^^;;;;
57. Wearing - Pajamas yay!!! <3<3


58. Want Kids: Probably some day... but maybe not until I'm 40? I can't get kids until I've done all of the fun stuff that I can't do with them around! Though I do want a happy suburban-type family one day... as suburban as you can get when you're rich and travel the world ^-^
59. Want to Get Married: I'm sure that I will when I find the right person. ^^
60. Careers in Mind: First, I would like to become a mangaka and possibly a comic artist.. both would be fun! Then I would also like to work in photography promoting world peace and learning about other cultures and helping world understanding. I would also like to write a novel, and to do some fund-raising using photography. Also, acting would be fun to try, I think. ^^

Which is better with the gender of your preference?:

68. Lips or Eyes:I'm pretty much a whole-package person.. ^^ Though I have to say that beautiful eyes are very appealing, and fuller lips are better than thin ones for kissing! ^^
69. Hugs or Kisses: It depends on the person!! ^^
70. Shorter or Taller: I don't think that I have much chance of finding someone taller than me, lol!! Really, I don't care much, though. ^^
71. Tan Skinned or Light: *shrugs* It doesn't matter, though I think that a healthy tan is good-looking. I can't stand pasty-white skin that never sees the sun, lol (like me). XD;;
72. Romantic or Spontaneous ? Both are a must!! I want romance out of my partner, but also a good dose of spontanaeity. I am both, so I don't think that it's too much to ask that my partner is as well. ^-^
73. Dark or Light Hair - I don't have a preference... Though I do like redheads! But in the end, something like that doesn't really matter.
74. Built, Muscular or Normal: Ewww, I am NOT a muscles person! Do not want! Toned is good, but muscles- I just don't find them appealing at all.
75. Hook-Up or Relationship: I'm more of a relationship-type person.. I guess I'm a little bit traditional nowadays in that. But there's nothing wrong with that, I don't think! ^^
76. Similar to You or Different: I think that the people that I date are actually quite different from me. Which is fine by me because strong-willed Leos like me don't often get along well... XD;;
77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant: I love energetic and a little bit mischevious, but just know that there's a time and a place. ^^

Have You Ever:

78. Kissed a Stranger: I've kissed them on the cheek in that French way (I was with French friends and meeting new French peoples). I must say that I really like that kind of greeting, it feels really warm and friendly! ^^
79. Drank Bubbles: How do you drink a bubble? O.o;;
80. Lost Glasses/Contacts: Oh god on a daily basis.. ^^;;
83. Climbed up a Tree: Whee!! It's fun! Though I don't like ants so I've got to be careful!
84. Broken Someone's Heart: I hope nothing that extreme, though I fear that I have.. Actually I'm pretty sure that I have, and I feel bad about it. But it happens.. ;o;
85. Been Arrested: No, but I've sat in a cop car.. does that count?
86. Turned someone Down: Hasn't everyone? ;-;
87. Cried When Someone Died: Yes, every time... ;o;
88. Liked a Friend as More Than a Friend: Hasn't everyone? ^^;;

Do You Believe In:

89. Yourself: I do, truly. I have a lot of faith in myself and what I am capable of. But it's hard to grab a hold of that confidence and really feel it, if you know what I mean...
90. Miracles: Yes! ^O^ I do believe that there is always an explanation, but that doesn't mean that we can't look at something as miraculous. ^^
91. Love at First Sight: Yes.. I also believe in soulmates, though I don't think that solmates automatically means "lovers". It is something deeper than that. ^^
93. Santa Claus: Yes I do (the truth).
94. Sex on the First Date: LOL, it's not what I would usually go for, but there's nothing wrong with it. ^^ I think that you should go with how you feel, whatever that feeling may be. ^^
95. Kissing on the First Date: You mean some people don't? LOL Okay, actually I usually don't, but I don't see what would be wrong with it.

Answer Truthfully:

97. Is there one person you want to be with right now: Not one person in particular.
98. Who is it: I do have a lot of friends/family that I really miss though. I would really like to be around them more often in general. ;o;
99. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time: In a way.. I actually am so busy that I don't tend to date a lot anymore. It's too bad really, but I just haven't met anyone in a long time that I felt a spark with.
100. Do you believe in God: I don't know, honestly. There may or may not be an entity that people refer to when they talk about "god" (whichever one) that actually exists. Either there is or there isn't, either way is okay with me. But I don't believe that there is anyone (even a "god" as defined by people) that would be worthy of worship. Does that make sense? I can explain, but it makes some people angry, so I don't think that I need to go into it right now. It's just my personal belief in any case, and I respect that everyone believes something different. ^^

YAY, BEDTIME! =D (I hate to sleep but I'm pretty tired so...)
Current Mood: sleepy
(Anonymous) on July 14th, 2008 03:32 pm (UTC)
hi there
Hi Jamie,

I was just searching for an apartment and somehow your website just came up.
Seems like you know a lot of people and have some connections?

By the way, my name is Taik from Dallas, Texas and just got in Tokyo yesterday from Oslo, Norway. I am here for fashion business and looking for an apartment right now. Will you please let me know if any of your friends are looking for a roommate or if you know any reasonable places in Tokyo.

Thank you,