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Whoa.... suddenly all of this time passed, and I'm not even sure how! ^^;;;; It really does fly when you're busy.. It seems like I always mean to write, but somehow never find the time. Or I'm rushed... I'm not sure! I swear I will settle down eventually!! <3<3

Well, tomorrow I leave for L.A.!!! I'm going to be staying with the lovely Kei-chan for a few days (I can't wait!! <3), and then it's on to Anime Expo and the hotel on Wednesday!! I've heard that it's possible that the newer phones might work in America, so who knows? I mean, it's not like I would be able to call anyone since it'd still be long-distance, but I might be able to? We'll see!

Last week, I said goodbye to Chelsea.. It's sad that she had to leave.. we're both really busy, so we don't get to see each other much, but at least we did get to say goodbye in style (Chocolate cafe FTW!)! I'll miss you illuminesce!!

Well, I've got to get going... Ami and Eda and I are having an all-night karaoke session in a valiant effort to keep me awake so that I can sleep on the plane tomorrow! I... hope it works! I'm nigate at staying up all night... Xp
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