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A few random pictures from the last two weeks...

There's not too many, but I did take a few pictures when I was out and about last weekend! ^__^ So~~ Chinatown, Asakusa, and suuuushi! <3

This is taken under Kaminari-mon(gate) in Asakusa shrine.. I go to Asakusa every once in a while, and just ended up there while getting out of the house and hanging out with James (tolarin). ^^

This is the main shopping street in Asakusa shrine. Yes, shopping. =D It's the first place I would recommend to find japanese-style presents for people back home! =D (The second place being a store in Omote-sando)

It turned out that there was a festival that day! LOL I wouldn't have suggested that we go there if I had known! It was really crowded! XD This is a mikoshi. It's a portable shrine used in festivals that people carry on their shoulders.

In Japan, you can get so many things in the vending machines! Not just soda or (the rare) candy, but also beer, sake, wine, and in this case, milk!! :O

One of the larger temples in Chinatown. Next time I want to go in and take some more pictures on the grounds. ^^

Chinese shrines in Japan are so colorful! ^O^

Lindsay (starrbeam), my co-conspirator (we're trying to start a business together, and we're going to work on a children's book together, I think!) and I had breakfast. She's so photogenic! =D;;

We went to sushi and had.... wtf... HAMBURGER SUSHI!! Wow... o.o;; It was cooked, of course! XD we saw it on the special menu and were like, 'we've GOT to try this!" It was really good, surprisingly! Really, I want to eat out more at weird places with Lindsay! (when I am no longer hurting for money, lol) By the way, yes it really can be sushi, as sushi doesn't actually mean 'raw fish', it just means 'vinegared rice topped with other ingredients'.. or something like that XD

Kaiten-zushi is sushi served on a rotating conveyor belt. Just take what you'd like! The plates are color-coded depending on the price. ^^

This place was great because it was cheap, and yet had a really large special-sushi menu! =D;; My last sushi for a while, I'm feeling. ;_; (it's cheap but its' not THAT cheap, yknow? I usually spend from $6-10 each time)

Etto.. I forgot what this is called.. but it's pressed eel. =d Yummy! Eel is so delicious!

There are pickled ginger slices in the black box. They're used to cleanse your palate, but I don't really like them (too sour!). In the middle are saucers that you put soy sauce (and wasabi if you like it) into so that you can dip your sushi. Mmmmm! I always put tons of soy sauce in mine P:

Lindsay at the sushi rest.. XD No pictures of me because I looked retarded in all of them! XD I need to get my hair recolored. Oooooh money~

In life... I'm still really busy, but I'm slowly and surely managing to cross some things off of my to-do list. Of course, I had to add a few things as well. ^^;;

Current to-do list:
* Write article and edit pictures for Asahi weekly column
* New custom journal layout
* List some things on ebay..
* Finish my part of the cover for 00 english anthology.
* Write/finish my pages for 00 english anthology.
* Finish drawing & coloring chibis for lj people.
* Design website for Kappamaki and start making strips. LAUNCH!
* Work on Denki-ki (moe) and Totgeliebt (yaoi) doujinshi. --- Totgeliebt's story needs to be edited and then storyboarded, then drawn. Denki-ki needs to be written, haven't started at all. Both need to be done by mid-August at latest, but I'm fairly sure I won't make these deadlines.
* Register for Comitia, which takes place at the end of August. This needs to be done by the middle of June.
* Pay back Erin. (preferably soon)
* Pay for plane ticket. (maybe can do after the 31st if I'm lucky..)
* Turn phone back on (currently disconnected because I couldn't pay.. still don't have $ for that..)
* Make costumes for Anime Expo... also need to go shopping with Eda to help her pick out a sewing machine and wigs! Definitely school-uniform Oshitari and girl-Hallelujah. Possibly Orihime?? Maybe not.
* Pick out obi for my yukata to bring to Expo.
* Lose 10 lbs by the end of the month. (have lost 3 now..) This means cutting calories and working out every day. It rains a lot so not too easy..
* Etc... This includes a lot of things, like responding to email, work, etc etc. Too many to list! I should add "getting a full night's sleep for the first time in five days" in there somewhere..

I'm thinking of cosplaying Orihime in her Arrancar outfit for Expo... but I doubt that I'll have the money to make the costume. I don't know...
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