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10 May 2008 @ 04:24 pm
Macross F x Sheryl Nome ~live~  
So!! Last Tuesday, I took a break from 8million projects and went to the special cafe with a few friends, the Hibari-te Cafe! I wish that it wasn't only on special days, because I would SO go back!! I want to go back again next time!! Why was it so great?? Because it's staffed by only boys dressed in maid outfits!! XD;; They were really nice, for the most part really pretty, and just so amusing. =^-^= I couldn't afford to buy any of their photos that they were selling, but they said that at Comicket, they may have a booth and sell a photobook!! Oh YEAH, definitely going to get that! =D;; The best part may have been when they asked what we thought when we first heard about them, and were like, "it's so gross, right?" Of course not!! =D Totally an "I MUST GO THERE!!" feeling. They even managed to call Eda out as a fujoushi. XD;; Now next time, I really, really hope that they make it nonsmoking, so that the old men next to us aren't ruining everybody's fun with their acrid death-sticks. :x

But but!! Maid-boys! Seriously, if you are in Tokyo, this is a must-see!!! =D =D =D

Yesterday after work, Adrian asked me if I'd like to go to a free concert nearby. Hey, why not!! =D When you are low on cash, free is just the right word!! =D;; It turned out that it was outside in a plaza, and featuring Cheryl's seiyuu (?) from the new Macross Frontiers anime. =^-^= I haven't seen the new Macross show, but after hearing the really catchy music, I really want to see it!! ^O^ The singer was pretty cute, and although there were a few rude employees trying to keep order by jabbing people (at least I wasn't the only one complaining about that), it was good! I love bouncy music!! ^O^ It was a nice time!

Today, I have so many things to do, but I feel a bit useless. My head is pounding and I have literally no energy.. I don't think that I'm getting sick, but I really hope not!! I guess that I'll just give up and rest for a few hours and see if I feel any better by dinnertime..

Oh man, and this is definitely the best season of Survivor EVER. ♥ So so classic. I may or may not think that the final 4 deserve their positions, but you can't deny-- they sure have kept Tribal councils entertaining! And James' comment was the best, "I've officially lost my post as the dumbest survivor ever." XDXD;; Seriously, I would recommend this season over ALL others. XD;;
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on May 10th, 2008 09:13 am (UTC)
ROFLOL!! In the back of that picture there are Yapoo!!!! It's the Yapoo! Wow, some sculptor in Oslo DEFINITELY read Yapoo the human cattle. Oh my, I really want to go there, just for the strangeness of it all and to be among Yapoo.

I hear you about the crossdressing, in a way. I much much prefer my girls to look like girls (butch even is out). I've been to the cafe here that has girls dressing up as boys, but it's not really appealing at all. I suppose that it's just the whole femininity of it all that really appeals to me. =d (be it women or men behind the dresses XD)

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