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Continuation of yesterday....

Let's start with today... This morning, I took Nessie to the vet to have her collar and stitches removed. She's now happy and slowly returning to normal, sans the crazy "I wanna bite you num num!!" vibe. Which is definitely a good thing!! =D She's a sweetie, I love her so much. =^-^= Right now, she's curled up next to me in between my butt and the arm of the computer chair. Sooo cute! It was a little bit annoying earlier though, since she insisted on sitting on my lap, right ON my tablet! I didn't get as much done as I'd like on my doujinshi in part due to her, but it's okay. I finished the cleanup!! So hopefully I can finish all of the important things tomorrow? (like the cover which I haven't started!! ^^;;;)

Speaking of which, today I got an email from the doujinshi company saying that they hadn't gotten my bank transfer in time so I couldn't get an ftp account to upload my doujinshi!!! GAAAH!! I don't freak out often, but it really threw me for a loop and I was really upset. Thankfully, Eda came to my rescue and worked it out with them for me... Thank you SOOOO much!! It was kind of the straw that was resting on the camel's back, you know.. So close to breaking. Really, it's because it's taking up ALL of my free time to work on it, and you can't really tell. And I don't like the art at all, it's not nearly as good as I can do. But I'm kind of stuck with this really bad-looking badly-scripted thing that I would never, EVER send in to a real publisher as a submission, you know? ^^;; But maybe it's good enough for a doujinshi... I can only wish, haha.... -_-;; I am disappointed in myself, because seriously, I can do so much better! I just.. didn't.

Well, there were two good things today, though!! The new issue of Comic Hai! came out, which runs my current two favorite comics, and I wait in anticipation for the 22nd of each month! It's like, I had to look all over to scrounge up the 550 yen to buy it, but I couldn't not!! Do you know that feeling? Like you've been doing so much for not-yourself, that you need this one thing? For me, it was Comic Hai! Of course, it didn't disappoint-- it had a Girl Friends cover!! ♥♥♥ I worship Morinaga Milk, it's like her comic could have been stolen from my mind~~ ^-^ And of course, the other comic is Kodomo no Jikan, and it was a GREAT chapter!! Pooooooor Aoki-sensei! What is he going to do? *eg*

In case you can't tell, I'm having a little bit of a hard time.. But the other good thing? My first article goes in to print tomorrow!! ^O^ So I will have it in a few days! I am quite proud of it-- hey, take what you can get, right? ^______^ One thing at a time for now, and then I will open up full-throttle soon!! :O

AWESOMEST THING EVER: Kanagawa may pass a smoking ban effective March 2009!! No smoking in bars, restaurants, amusement venues, schools, hospitals and department stores!! WELCOME TO THE 21ST CENTURY, JAPAN!! Let's celebrate!!!!!! I know where I'll be going to eat!! Maybe I will move back down there! It would SO be worth it!!! ♥♥♥♥ I lived in Kanagawa when I first moved to Tokyo, and I can definitely go back!! (you can believe that I will if this happens and they don't do it in Tokyo too!!)
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