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Viva la Spring!! @~$~~~~~~~

Right now, I can defintiely say that spring is finally on the horizon!! ^O^ I would say that it's here, but yesterday it suddenly dropped down to the low 40s again. So we're kind of in that transitional state.. Today, the weather is GORGEOUS! It's really windy (so much that it shakes the house), but I haven't seen the sky this blue in ages! It would be a great day to hike Mt. Takao..

I can't even leave the window open for very long, though.. when a gust comes, it rips through my room and threatens to topple everything over! LOL <--well, it would be funny if I had a maid to do the cleaning in that case for me. ^^;;

I've just been busy as crap. I can't even catch up on some of the things that I want to do, and I guess it's not that I don't have the time, it's just that I suck at time management! ^^;; Well, today I am going to go out with Melissa for lunch, and then enjoy some of the sakura (if there are any left-- they might have all been blown away!) in the park. Take some pictures, and then return and work full scale on finishing the pictures from the contest, some personal projects, and my doujinshi! Sadly, it's far from being finished.. I really, really suck at time management (I said it twice because it's doubly true.. err..) Does anyone care to share any of the your techniques for managing time and actually getting things done? (as opposed to say, just sitting under a blanket and reading manga.. >.>;;)

I took a few pictures of the sakura and other flowers in my neighborhood while I went out yesterday to run some errands.. The one thing that I don't like about Tokyo is that even running a simple errand like going to a store a few stations away will take hours, just because of the mode of transportation. ^^;; But at least I saw gorgeous flowers! Flowers, everywhere, and the hint of leaves on the trees---- spring is cooooooming!! Or rather, maybe spring is here and summer is coooooming!! =^-^=

I stole this from my housemate's journal..

1. What time do you wake up in the morning? My ideal time is around 6 am. Preferably before the sun comes up because I would really like to run before the sun comes up! But I've been kept up late at night a lot recently so I've been getting up really late, about 8 or 9 or later.. ;_; I've gotta start going to be at 11 again.. :/
2. If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be? Drew Barrymore-- because I've always thought she seemed like a great person. Even more now! I want to find out if it's possible to take the place of her wonderful new boyfriend, though.. ^^;
3. Gold or silver? I'm a gold person for sure. ^^ I really like the color of gold, it looks really good with my skin and hair tones. ^^
4. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? At the movies? I saw my friend's film "Un-nan?".. But it wasn't a normal cinema, it was a special place set up in the Asahi buildings. In the real theater, like I paid for it... I think the last movie that I saw there was Johnny Depp's new movie, "Sweeny Todd." Or it might have been "Earth". I can't remember which I saw first..
Oh wait! I'm pretty sure it was L:Change the World. What a piece of garbage that movie was. ^^;;; (sadly)
5. Favorite TV show? My favorite show, though it's between seasons now, is The Amazing Race. Followed closely by the late Star Trek: TNG. XD I usually like reality shows, so I watch Survivor and ANTM and stuff religiously. ^^
6. What do you have for breakfast? It depends on the day! During the winter (or anytime cold really), I usually have something easy and fast, like cereal or oatmeal, with milk and fruit, etc. During the summer, as long as I have time I'll often go for something that takes a little bit of preparation, like eggs, toast, bacon, miso soup, etc.
7. Who would you hate to be left in a room with? A girl who pees her pants when she sees a johnny's boy in the airport, like that girl on youtube.. *shudders* Self-respect, please get it!!! *cries*
8. Can you touch your nose with your tongue? No! Can anyone else do that? Wow..
9. What inspires you? Usually my friends or something around me.. Nature, especially, which is why sometimes I think that I'd be better off living outside of the city. But then I wouldn't be able to do the things that I enjoy in the city. ;_; What to do....?
10. What's your middle name? Lynn. I love my middle name~ ^-^
11. Beach, city, or country? I can't choose, and why should I have to, really? I think the place where I would like my main house to be is on the Southern CA beaches, and then I will have reserve houses in the Cascade forest in Washington, and in the city in Tokyo. ♥ Possibly other places as well, of course! I'd like to own a beach vacation house in maybe Hawaii, and possibly a few other tropical locations as well.. I guess I'd better get a move on, considering that bikini-wearing years are drawing to a close, and what's the point if I can't look good in a bathing suit?
12. Summer or winter? Summer!!!! SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER!! Omg I hate the winter so much.. You'll definitely see me in Hawaii and other tropical places every winter when I start making money. I would never, ever choose to stay in a cold place if I could help it. x.x
13. Favorite ice cream? Mmmm!! It's the cake batter ice cream from Coldstone in the states!!! I wish that they had it here.. it's pretty much heresy that they don't, right?!?!!!
14. Buttered, plain, or salted popcorn? Mmmm with cheese please!! ^o^ Or garlic salt!
15. Favorite car? JEEP WRANGLER~~ Or possibly a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. I have wanted one of these ever since I was a little kid. I think that I will have at least one for every house that I own, in the future... Each a different color, and they run on electricity and oil, or something. No gas, gas is too expensive.. Definitely getting detinator yellow and flame red!! Omg, those cars are so sexy... it is the only car that I will ever squeal over and fawn over and make serious plans to buy.. I wonder if they carry them in Japan at all, hmm... If I buy a car here, that will be it! But I'm afraid of people scratching it, though. So many tiny streets...
16. Favorite sandwich filling? Peanut-butter and pickles!! Mmmm, so good!! But it only works with farman's kosher-style dill pickles, when they are salty, not the slightest hint of sweet or sour like most (nasty) pickles. It's all about the salty pickles!! ♥ Mmmm!! I also love thick ham and cheese sandwiches, and well, really, nearly anything that doesn't have mayo or ketchup, and does have lots of cheese is a good thing for me! =D Now I want a sandwich for lunch...
17. Favorite type of music? I'm fairly open to anything.. though my tastes run toward hyper, happy-sounding songs (whether the words are happy or not, it's all about the beat for me!). I also like classical-sounding music, and soundtracks (because they're often happy/upbeat ^^;;). I don't really like heavy metal or anything that sounds really angry, except on rare occasions. Maybe it's because I just can't really relate, even though of course I get angry sometimes. It's just that music affects my mood, and I'd never choose to be angry...
18. True love? So romantic~~~ ^-^ I do believe in true love, as well as fated love, and love at first sight. There is more to love than just knowing a person and developing feelings toward them, I think. So while most people probably develop feelings over time, I don't see why for some people it can't happen immediately. =^__^= And why can't it be deeper than just emotions? I believe in soulmates as well~~ ^____^ Though it might not always be a romantic love between soulmates. I really hope that I find mine~~ =^-^=
19. What characteristic do you despise? Worshipping someone else to the point that it depreciates your self-worth. When I see people pee all over themselves because of someone else, I just think, 'why can't you do something awesome also? That person is no better than you are!' I think that it's great to recognize and admire the achievements of others, but rather than letting that overpower you to an extreme level, why not take their work as inspiration to do something great with your own life? Don't be -just- a fan of someone's work---- try to inspire in someone else what you're inspired to do from other people. Does that make sense? I just want everyone to see themselves equally and with the same confidence, and not put another person on a pedestal. Yes, maybe they are completely awesome, but you can be too...! -_-;; I might make a bad motivational speaker, but I really wish that I could help people become inspired (and myself as well..).
20. Favorite flower? Tiger lilies. ♥
21. If you had a big win in the lottery, how long would you wait to tell people? I don't think I could keep it in!! ^_^;; I would be on the phone immediately to all of my family and friends, and then write in my journal, and email everyone.. But rather than email, since I would be rich I would just call!! ^O^
22. Do you wear pajamas? Sometimes ^_^ Sometimes I just wear t-shirts and shorts and things too. ^^ I need new pajamas! ^^
23. What color are your eyes? Blue~~ I think that if I have to keep getting contacts though, I will try and find ones that turn them from blue to a mix of blue and green.. it would look so pretty! ^o^
24. How many keys on your key ring? I don't know... just the keys to the house, I think?
25. Where would you retire to? I don't think that I could ever live in one place!! Since I want to live in CA in my old age, but sometimes it gets cold, so I guess I would have to spend half the year on a tropical island? Hawaii? Or just somewhere.. I defintiely won't stay put!
26. Favorite day of the week? Hmmm... I think saturday!! ^O^ I love the weekend!
28. Red or white wine? Ewww, I don't like wine at all, no matter the color. It tastes like.. yeast. Not a taste I like in my drinks. Strawberry wine and plum wine (umeshu) don't have that yeasty taste though, so they're good! ^o^
29. What did you do for your last birthday? I had a really great party with a lot of friends in yoyogi park!! ^___^ It was so much fun!! This year, I'm going to have the party on the beach!! *is already planning* Actually, I've been planning it for a few months already even though my birthday is in August. ^^;;
30. Do you carry a donor card? It's a part of my driver's license in America. Of course, I want to donate my organs, though I'm a little scared that if I'm in an accident, they might not do everything they could to save me, just because they want my organs... ;_; Even if I'm pronounced dead in an accident, they'd better not give up for another 20 minutes at least!! I refuse to die!!!! Ahh, this is an old fear of mine. ;_; In Japan, I think I also signed up as a donor, but gah I have so little faith in the japanese medical system, I really don't want to get in an accident here because I'm not sure they would try hard enough to save me... My life is on the line, people!! *cries* Whomever lets me die will be haunted by my ghost FOREVER!!

LOL Code Geass was on my pizza box the other day! XD;; I guess Pizza Hut is having some kind of promotion where you can win free things (though I didn't win anything). I rarely order pizza, so it was a surprise. Not as awesome as the Evangelion box that I'd had a while ago, though =D;;

Sakura in my neighborhood~ ^__^ They're a mix of white and pink this year ^^

This is part of my local train station. ^^ There are actually 6 platform on this station, and now a pretty big food/shopping area inside. It's fairly important for being quite a bit outside of Tokyo!! (Though I guess it's as far from Shinjuku as Ikebukuro is, and it's rural in comparison, though I consider Shinjuku really the center of everything ^^;;)

Some buildings in Ikebukuro surrounded by akura~

More Ikebukuro sakura ^_^

Sakura (cherry) trees are literally ALL OVER the country. They're everywhere you look. =D Is it any wonder, with something so beautiful so prevalent for only about 2 weeks a year, that Japan is so obsessed with sakura blossoms? There is a special word for going to look at them, called Hanami. Usually it's a party, with your work or friends or even random strangers, and you can bet that there will be 43365679789685 million people sitting out at the crack of dawn this weekend just to reserve butt-space in the parks to have Hanami parties with their friends that night (and incedentally, with all the strangers XD). But it's more than worth it~ ~_~

I am planning on going to the Naval Base's hanami festival/party this sunday.. It's the same day as the penis festival that I love so dearly, but I've been there twice and this is my first time to the base's festival (and I hope they have american hot dogs in vendors!! *drool*) so I guess I'll skip (or stop by quickly) the penis festival.....  I hope that the good weather holds~! ^o^
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