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Hona sainara~♪Rock musical Bleach: The All and Bankai: Code 002!!

Hona sainara~♪ Hona sainara~♪ Ashita wa kitto hallelujah~♪ Hona sainara~♪ Hona sainara~♪ Kyou wa, wasurenasainara~♪!! <--deta!! DETAA!! *dances* Okay, I am just happy because they put my favorite Bleach song into the Bankai: 002 performance! It was also way, waaaaay better than the first Bankai show! I am still bouncy from it (bouncy, and yet tired enough to drop immediately into sleep, I'm sure. LOL) But first--

In case it wasn't obvious, I just came home from the second of the two Bleach musicals running this last week. I'm really glad that they brought it back, and I'm pretty sure that they meant these performances as a "catch up with the story because we're baaaack!" Which makes sense, because there is enough story in the manga now to fuel more musicals. (yay!)

First, on Wednesday I went with friends to see Bleach: The All. It was basically a recap musical, kind of like a recap episode in an anime/tv show! The producers did a really good job stitching together the original 5 musicals of content into one compact show (about 3 hours long). There were no new songs of course, but my only gripe (other than there being no Orihime) was that they mostly picked the slow songs. So for someone whom already has seen the earlier musicals it wasn't as interesting as it could have been. But it was really well done. ^^ There was no "sayonara, this is the end" speech at all, so instead of being a "goodbye, here's something to remember us by" it was quite the opposite. Best part is, in the next episode they can't leave Orihime out, since the story all revolves around HER! *winner is Ori*

Tonight, we saw the companion to the first part, Bleach Bankai Code: 002! O.M.G. What the first musical lacked in crack and upbeat songs and complete hilarity, this one more than made up for!!

More than half of the songs were new songs, including great ones about Hitsugaya's birthday, the 3 Hueco Mundo 'bad guys' (Aizen, Gin, Tousen), the background shinigami (theoretically they're from Unohana's section, lol.. <--inside joke), the women shinigami (with Yoruichi as a special director), and on and on.. The whole musical was full of hilarious jokes, bad French (it took me FOREVER to realize that they were singing "au revoiur" or something like that.. and the french thing was repeated quite a few times, LOL. I couldn't stop laughing...)

Actually, I think that the funniest part wasn't meant to be funny-- it was Ichigo's new solo, "Where is my body?" I mean... how can you not laugh when you hear Ichigo belt out (very, very seriously), "Where is my bodyyyyy? Where is iiiiiiit? Where is it, my bodyyyyy?" But only my friends and I (most of whom cracked up) seemed to be laughing. XD;;

There was a really great updated version of Mou hitotsu no Chijou at the end which I really loved (and was so long that Hitsugaya complained about it at the end XD), and my favorite--- an updated (and AWESOME) Hallelujah Goodbye as the final encore!! *happy happy happy* When Gin stepped forward at the end of Bleach, I knew what was coming and I have to admit that I started bouncing in my seat! I thought that I was over the whole "so excited that you bounce up and down despite your best efforts to remain 'normal'", but I admit that I am gay for that song. =D =D;; I was VERYVERY happy, you couldn't have made me happier with the ending! I am definitely going to buy the soundtrack when it comes out in August!!!

The award for best actor this time really goes to Kenpachi's actor, I think. He RULED and I loved his deadpan tough-guy attitude. Of course Gin was great as always (Tuti always gives me the creeps as Gin, he's really great and spot-on!!), as was Rukia, Renji, Aizen, and well, just everyone. No disappointments here. I really, really want to catch up on the Bleach manga now, since I'd fallen behind long ago. Will do!

Well, the Big Question that the Bankai musical left me with is, "has Ichigo found his body?" Do you think that Kon ran off with it? =) (what is the emoji for laughing so hard that you're about to pee your pants?)
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