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I wanna have a little contest.. It just seemed like fun!!

From the following list (click on the link), guess my favorite character(s) and pairing!! Please only guess one series at a time and I'll tell you whether you're right or not. (you can only win once! So after you've won once feel free to continue guessing but I won't tell you if you're right! ^.^;;)

If you guess right, I'll draw you (cg) a chibi character of your choice! It can be anybody, from anything (even you!)-- the level of detail will be up to me, but I'm sure that you'll like it. ^^ If you guess right, I'll ask you for a character/reference picture.. I will work on the pictures tomorrow morning, so that gives plenty of time. =^__^=

Guess away!! ^o^ (I will be going out in a few hours, so the rest of the comments I will have to reply after that)
The numbers on the side are the number of characters/pairings, if I have a tie.. ^^; My favorite pairing doesn't always involve my favorite characters, lol. If there's more than one, you have to guess them all to win! (to make it hard ^^;;)

Already guessed
(I tend to like three stereotypical types of characters, so you might see a trend. ^^)

Hunter x Hunter
Favorite character(s): Kuroro
Favorite pairing(s): Kuroro/Kurapica, Killua/Gon
Guessed by yume_no_koe! Yays! ^O^

Kodomo no Jikan
Favorite character(s): Rin
Favorite pairing(s): Rin/Kuro
Guessed by pure_trance! Congratulations!! ^O^

Favorite character(s): Ryuichi
Favorite pairing(s): Ryuichi/Shuichi
Guessed by sosiqui! Otsukaresama deshita!! =D

Favorite character(s): Orihime, Matsumoto
Favorite pairing(s): Orihime/Matsumoto, Hitsugaya/Gin, Ichigo/Orihime
Guessed by hontou! Good detective work!! =D

Death Note
Favorite character(s): L, Light, Misa
Favorite pairing(s): L/Light, Light/Misa
Guessed by toldtojoinlj! Omedetou gozaimasu!! ^o^

Original characters
Favorite character(s): Hinoai, Yume
Favorite pairing(s): Hinoai/Yume, Taku/Kyou, Ytheru/Alix
Guessed by alsie!! Yappari ne, I knew you could do it! =D ♥

Air Gear
Favorite character(s): Ringo
Favorite pairing(s): Ringo/Simca
Guessed by son_of_farbauti! Great job!! ^o^

Pretty Cure 5
Favorite character(s): Kasugano Urara/Cure Lemonade
Favorite pairing(s): Urara/Nozomi
Guessed by mippa!! Kettei~! ^o^//

Ranma 1/2
Favorite character(s): Akane, Shampoo
Favorite pairing(s): Akane/Ranma-chan, Shampoo/Akane
Guessed by genkischuldich! Ashita wa kitto hallelujah! ^o^

Prince of Tennis
Favorite character(s): Ryoma, Kevin
Favorite pairing(s): Ryoma/Kevin, Ryoma/Dan, Ryoma/Sakuno, Sakuno/Tomoka
Guessed by _dac_!! Congratulations! ^o^

Sailor Moon
Favorite character(s): Aino Minako/Sailor Venus
Favorite pairing(s): Minako/Rei
Guessed by kyofujimiya!! Omedetou!! ^o^

Harry Potter
Favorite character(s): Luna, Ginny
Favorite pairing(s): Luna/Ginny
Guessed by xelloss_poo! Congratulations! ^o^

Marmalade Boy
Favorite character(s): Miki
Favorite pairing(s): Miki/Meiko
Guessed by chibi_rei! Omedetou! ^o^

Maria-sama ga Miteru
Favorite character(s): Yumi
Favorite pairing(s): Yumi/Touko
Guessed by win_a_goldfish! Otsukaresama desu! ^o^

Favorite character(s): Rogue
Favorite pairing(s): Rogue/Gambit
Guessed by tsuki_fru! Great job, wow!! ^o^

Gundam 00
Favorite character(s): Nena, Allelujah
Favorite pairing(s): Nena/Louise
Guessed by chibicerebus!! Great job! ^O^
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