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25 March 2008 @ 01:40 am
Un, nan?  
Just a little while ago, I got back from the premiere of Un-nan?!! My friend Nana Yanagisawa is the star, so she invited a few of us to the premiere.. It was a bit low-key, but so exciting!! My first movie premiere!!! ♥ (of many? =D) I remember when she would send me pictures from the countryside during shooting a few years ago, and it's so exciting to finally see the finished product!! ^o^ (I wonder if I was the most excited person in the room!)

It was surprisingly good!! Usually I'm not so fond of Japanese slice-of-life movies because they can be really slow and unmoving and badly shot. This time though, the cinematography was great!! The location also, was so country-esque that it made me yearn to visit the japanese countryside. Though the setting was so like Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (right down to the local curse in the shrine) that I kept expecting a random murder!! It's a good thing that this wasn't that type of movie. =D


Please see it if you can!! The tagline is "Were were born here, and live our lives here..", which describes the movie pretty well. The story revolves around the main guy, Tetsurou, and his family and the girl that he's secretly in love with, Takako (Nana!). Of course, he takes most of the movie to get around to telling her about his feelings (no surprise, really), and during the film we experience a really touching death that made me cry, a rather disturbing legend about the shrine near where they live, and a glimpse into life in "real" Japan looks like. I don't mean the modern city life that most Tokyoites live, and the only one that I've seen, but life in the countryside that's old-fashioned and steeped in culture. It was so beautiful!! I really, really want to go to the countryside now!!

Japanese countryside to me, please!! ♥♥
Idyllkaidyllka on March 25th, 2008 12:32 pm (UTC)
Nana's birthday date is the same as my brother's (totally stupid comment XD) though the year is different (^___^)