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The Tokyo Tower Trick Art Gallery @o@

Yesterday, I met up with slytherinblack, a longtime livejournal friend but whom I had never met in person before. We went to the Tokyo Tower Trick Art Gallery... and it was so much fun!! ^O^ Okay, granted the gallery was a little bit lame, but I do want to go back again because you know I just love taking stupid pictures! XD;;

Well, it was really fun relaxing and talking about various this and that.. We'll definitely have to hang out again before you leave Tokyo! ^o^

Do you know that I've never been up to the top of Tokyo Tower? I don't know, but maybe that could be considered a tiny bit lame.. Especially seeing as how I've been to the tower about 10 times, see it often, and I have lived here for more than three years now.. But then again, I guess there are people who've lived in New York City all their lives and never been to the Statue of Liberty, right? So I guess I'm slightly less lame than that. XD;;

This is supposed to be a mirror-effect. ^^ Will have one from farther away next time, and I've gotta pose better! XD;; *not a model*

I'm faaaaalling!!

Look ma, what I caught!

I'm too tall.. ^^;; Either way, failed this picture because I didn't realize about the crocodile! ^^;;

X.X;;;;;;; Cool effect!! Though I have a better idea for next time!

I'm smiling as I'm being eaten! Err.. it was hard not to laugh!

Hahaa...... I might be.. slightly angelic. ^^;; I dunno!

Carly and I took some purikura too. =D

And of course Tokyo Tower! It's free to take pictures from the ground. XD;; But I always seem to be lacking the money to go to the top when I visit. XD;; But I will go up one day!

Can you believe this was destroyed in countless CLAMP animes? This further confirms my theory that the members of CLAMP are all militant phallus-object-hating lesbians. :D No offense to my militant phallus-hating friends. :D But seriously, they are all lesbians, right? ^^

As you can see, it was gorgeously warm outside, and the weather was amazing!! It's quite cool and rainy today, but a nice change. It feels like Aberdeen (or like Forks, for those of you who read Twilight).

I've been meaning to say this for a while.. but lately I've gotten really hooked on Gundam 00!! It's the first time that I've ever really liked a Gundam show, but I just can't help myself! I'm still not a mecha fan, but omg the DRAMA! I want so much to be a part of Celestial Being.. I really, really sympathize with their goals. Though sometimes they are quite hypocritical, which just adds to the interest! (Then again, which governmental-type agency is not?) I am behind in the episodes though, so don't spoil me! (I watched ep16 yesterday) OMG LOVE for Allelujah and Setsuna (not together-- Allelujah and Hallelujah are so getting it on! Don't ask how that works but in my mind it DOES! I wonder if there are doujinshi for that... must.. go.. to.. event..)

*coughs* And almost finished with A Feast for Crows.. I think that I will finish it up right now, before working on my stuff for today! WOW, at the end it's gotten REALLY good! Of course, they had to wait until the last 100 pages before anything substantial happened. -_-;;

PS: What is this Arcana Heart? I think I need it to survive.. Someone buy me the US version and send it to me? ^o^;; *useless/penniless*
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