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29 February 2008 @ 01:06 am
My cat the antagonist!  
Okay, who made this song about my cat? It even LOOKS like her! This song's going to be stuck in my head for the next few days, for sure! ^o^// ----> The Mean Kitty Song (video)
And omg: Kitty conversation, and Kitty conversation dubbed. =^.^=

I feel like I've been in a total makeover, emotionally, in the last few days. In a way, I feel so SO refreshed! I've been keeping busy, but it's not really that as much as it is that I'm just... well, I feel like I'm coming full-circle with some of my thoughts about myself, and I can feel like the real me is breaking through! (Yay!!) It's about time, right? Well, and the weather is GORGEOUS recently.

Life update: Sunday, I helped Melissa move into my house~ it's so full right now! =D She's going to be staying with us until she leaves Japan, in the beginning of April. I looooooooove having a roommate! ^O^ Talk talk talk talk talk, she's been my rock and listening post, and bosom companion (in a platonic way of course XD).

Monday, I was wiped and so I tried to rest and work on things. But I really ended up organizing a lot of the things so that there was more room to move. Tuesday, I went to my friend Hikaru's birthday live. It was so nice to see him again! I also ran into Hideaki there, whom I haven't talked to in forever. Lots of interesting changes in his life, congratulations on both things! o.o; Saw Motoki and Yuuko too, which was really great. =^__^=

Wednesday, I wasn't feeling great, so I tried to have a relaxing, "me" day. It worked, and the help of a bunch of friends who sent me messages/comments. I really feel a lot better now~ ^_^ Today (Thursday), I went to help Greg unpack the things that he's just received from China. Wow, so many things..!! He bought me a rug, what a sweetie!! ^-^ And tomorrow, wish me luck because I'm going to the hospital bright and early for an endoscopy on my stomach! :o.... I hope they find something wrong, honestly. ^^;; Because if it's not that, then there might be something more seriously wrong with me. I'm toying with the idea of letting them test my breathing like they wanted too. I just might do that, in a few weeks...

LOL well it's all part of my resolve to make myself as healthy as possible this year! Resolve any lingering mental concerns, find out what's been making me sick all of the time, eat well and exercise regularly. I guess it can be the 4-point plan? ^____^ Health is good, yes.. ^^ More later, but for now I have to crash, I'm dead tired!
Panda Warrior Versus The Worldwarrior_panda on February 28th, 2008 05:40 pm (UTC)
good luck with the hospital visit.

hey, you should check out the Mean Kitty halloween video. It's good.

Also, what's health insurance like in Japan?