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China vacation recap~~ ^__^

Good-bye china!! Well, I have to say that the two weeks that I spent in China meant a lot to me.. I felt things that I've not felt in years (such as the solitariness that came standing on the top of the Great Wall, all alone), enjoyed time with a friend that I don't get to see often (whom I was staying with), got to see amazing things that I've never even dreamed about until now (both places and people), tried so many delicious foods (I'm completely spoiled now!), found some new favorite foods (Chinese soy milk yuuuuuuum! Hawthorne juice yuuuuum!!), took a million pictures and finally figured out what I want to do with my life, and took my first real solo vacation (so to speak =))

There were also bad times.. I was freezing any time I had to set foot outdoors, I was concerned that I would get sick from the unsanitary conditions everwhere I went (and in fact I had a persistent cold the entire 2 weeks), was constantly assaulted with smokers and smoke (which is a big issue to me), had a fight (brought on by my abhorrence of smoke, actually), saw animal torture (and had no recourse), was attacked (and again had no recourse). But I would rather remember the good times over the bad ones, so I will surely hold them tight in my heart..

I chose my favorite pictures:
The Great Wall of China:

Chinese writing on a bell:

So many prayer tablets...

The Chinese flag in Ti'an'anmen Square:

Chinese writing near the Forbidden City:

In the Summer Palace:

Again in the summer palace:

These two near the lake in the summer palace:


Yummy food by yummy native people =D

The streets of Xi'an:

Delicious food for the local palate:

The famous Terra-cotta warriors:



The streets of Harbin:

From the 731 compound..

I'm curious, so.... does anyone have a favorite post or a memorable photo from the posts that I made about China? Did I make you more interested in China at all...?

Well, that concludes my China trip notes! ^o^ I would say that I wonder when my next vacation will be, but I'm leavning this Saturday at the crack of dawn for the Hokkaido Snow Festival! We've been planning this trip longer than I planned my China one for. Yay! I hope that it will make me feel a little bit better. ^^
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