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Hello life~ internal announcement?? =D

That's a strange subject line, I know.. But I wanted something that sounded different.. I liked it, but now that I think of it, it sounds a little bit too much like a Morning Musume-ish pop group.So, let's call  my life-plan 2008 um.. "Life v2.8"? Alright, maybe I'll need to think on that one a little bit longer..

I just thought that I wanted to take a moment to talk about some of the things that I've been thinking about a lot..

To start with, something rather random.. that picture on the right? It was a poster that I saw up in a clothing store a few weeks ago, and I nearly asked for the poster right there. Does anyone know what that style is called? I LOVE IT! This is the kind of style that I really like, and I'd love to be able to dress like that. It's hard to, as a tall girl, but I think that it really suits my attitude about life and my mood-- spunky and fun, but down-to-earth. There's an artistic quality. ^^ I would have called the style "urban" before, or maybe "urban chic" (casual but still fitted and feminine. No androgyny here!). But when I google those words nothing like this ever turns up. Can anyone help me here?

And on to life-plans and such.. I have a lot of things that I've been mulling over in my head, actually..

First off, I've decided 100% that I'm going to quit my job. No matter what comes, no matter what I have to deprive myself of to do that, the thing is that I'm not willing to waste another year of my life in a job that I can't see myself going anywhere in. I like money and I like being able to do a lot of fun things, but I'm no longer willing to just sit and watch life pass me by, when I feel like I am wasting away not being out there and doing something! It's do-or-die, sink-or-swim, and while I feel like I'm going to end up figuratively holding my breath for some long stretches, I.. I really do think that in the end, I'm going to come out better for it one way or the other! It's going to mean a lot of hard work on my part though-- harder than I've ever worked I think, to make ends meet while I try to find a way to make my dreams happen.

Speaking of those dreams.. I've got a lot of them, and I've talked about them a lot before, both to my friends and family and even on my blog. But what are dreams, really. They're great to think about, but unless I make them happen, and I try my hardest, then life isn't going to just float up and become those dreams (much as I wish that it would-- oh woe that I do not have the connections and free money that someone like Paris Hilton has, ne..). So yeah..

Last week, I sent in my first ever application to be in a doujinshi convention!! My circle (consisting of me and my friend Eda right now, possibly Erin in the future and some other people?) name is メロン革命 ("Melon Kakumei" aka "Melon Revolution" -- I think that it fits sadly well with a yuri doujinshi group, don't you?), which came to me in a fit of insanity while brainstorming at a table in Ogikubo one night with the small group of us three. My first book will be mainly drawn by me, a R18 yuri/het Kodomo no Jikan book about Rin growing up, and Reiji and Kuro-chan giving her special birthday presents, so to speak. The title will be 『こどものかいだん』 ("Kodomo no Kaidan" aka "Children's staircase"). Pretty plotless, but I hope that it will be pretty? ^^;; It's going to be really hard to draw something like that, but I really would like to challenge myself, so here goes! I hope that I get into the convention, and that I can both afford to print the doujin (it's expensive!!) and that I sell out!! (I'll put them online too if anyone's interested?) Eda is going to draw a short story for the end, so I won't feel so alone yay!! I might help out with her Gundam books in some way, or make one of my own, but right now the priority is just my Koji doujinshi, so.. ^^ The progress on that is: completely plotted, half written in need of finalization, partially layed out in need of serious renovation. Nothing solid. I haven't had the time so I haven't gotten more than that done. The deadline would be mid-April in order to get it to the printer's on time, so I have a while, though I am aiming to finish it by the end of February at the latest, mid-Feb at the earliest. Though I will be very busy between now and mid-Feb so I don't expect to get it anywhere near finished.

After the doujinshi is done with and sent off (or more likely set aside so that I can review it afte a week of cooling off and see it with fresh eyes and if I need to change anything), I'm going to set to work on my first real manga submission. The Koji doujinshi is kind of like my practice, to introduce myself to how a manga is made and what style suits me best. (And I have to admit, it will be beyond awesome to see my stuff in print!!). As far as the details... I am going to send in the submission to Yuri-hime magazine. Part of the reason behind that was that I thought that I would have a better shot at a genre that there wasn't as big competition in (but I don't think that's so true anymore, as there seem to be a lot more submissions coming in and they're producing a lot more quality stuff now). I think the main reason, though, is that I have a much stronger desire to tell the types of stories that they run in their magazine. As far as the plot goes, I have a very very rough idea, in that I know what I want the major issue to be.. but beyond that I'm not willing to say in public at the moment, and I'm going to let it sit for a while while I mull plots over in my head. I seem to often drop ideas and change my mind a lot, but this time I am going to make a very strong effort to stick with it. So right now the manga plan is: 1) Make a doujinshi,
2) Send a manga submission to Yuri-hime magazine. To be completed by the end of March (when I will be jobless already! ACK!!)

To combat the jobless situation, I've been thinking of a lot of different ways. I believe that I'm going to open up an online store, and the details of that are still slightly in flux. But I've been selling things for over three years now, and while I've only dabbled in it per se and certainly don't make enough money through that to afford more than a trinket here and there, I think that as long as I pursue the right avenues, I can expand to cover my expenses. It will be a lot of work, yes. And doing a lot of things that I've never really looked into before, but I have a lot of faith in myself that I am disciplined and hard-working enough to pull it off! At least to make the small amount that will cover my rent and expenses every month. That's the least, and hopefully I can pull off enough to fund my stakes in the future! (Should the need ever arise, I will happily accept food donations at any time, though! ^^;;;; ) I really am most worried about this, but some friends very dear to me have told me that they will help me out in whatever way possible if I find myself in an impossible situation. It makes me tear up to hear it, and I feel grateful to have friends that care about me so deeply. ;_;

Well... hopefully that all works out! I feel fired-up and yet also tired just thinking about it. Fired up because of the challenge and the change (I thrive on change!), but tired because of all of the work that it's going to be! But I will be much, much happier that way no matter what!! No more having to come into work at the beck and call of others!! I can set my own schedule (within reason)!! <3<3<3 Hopefully.

Well, onto the other big projects..

I am going to start up a combination webcomic/blog.. Think of it as a kind of 4-koma comic combination between http://stuckincustoms.com/, http://www.megatokyo.com/, http://www.kawaiinot.com/, and an all-around information blog about Japan. Right now, I don't want to say a lot about it, but I'm working hard on the preliminary stages, and it will be really cute and funny! There will be a cast of characters, and the focus is learning about Japan in a funny way, and seeing a lot of great things. It's a comic with running commentary most likely, and going to be SO CUTE you'll want to tune in and read it for sure!! Well, I hope you will! ^o^ I would like for it to become popular, and eventually help be my ticket to publishing a travel guide to Japan, as well as some merch..? Or more??

I'm definitely going to work on the pin idea that I mentioned recently, as well.

And last but not least, I am going to seriously pursue photography. I have some really great ideas, and how I can tie that into the greatest goal of my life!! But it's just turned midnight and I have to be up at 5:30 for another endless day wasting my time at work, so I will talk about this more at a later time... ^^ night night! (I probably won't be able to sleep for wanting to get it out though! ^^;; but it needs proper attention and not from a sleep-deprived me!)

PS: OMG *dead* Read my edit on my last post about A Storm of Swords... oooooh man happy happy happy!!

PPS: I finally had the time to watch a really bad cam rip of Cloverfield. I want to see it in the theater NOW!! I can't say that I'm impressed or favorable to the monster design, and the characters were pretty uninspiring with their stories (I don't know how the ones in Blair Witch were different that made me like them so much more), but I REALLY loved the idea and the execution. It felt so real, and I can't WAIT for the next one! And that audio clip at the end of the movie... has anyone listened to it backwards? ^.~ You definitely want to, cuz this ain't over yet!!
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