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26 January 2008 @ 09:33 am
Song of Ice and Fire book 3...  
I'm a little over halfyway finished, and I feel like, "AAAAAAAAAH!!! NONONO you didn't just do that!!"

NONONONONONO!!! No you didn't just kill Robb and Caitlin and Arya!! Please tell me they're not dead!! Especially Robb!! NONO! *cries* Okay, please don't tell me, people who have read farther than me. Don't tell me what happens. But I read the part where they're massacred in the Frey's castle last night in bed and nearly threw the book across the room.

Why oh why does he always keep killing off/maiming/whatever the characters that I like the most? I started crying in the second book where they "murdered" Bran and Rickon. I was so happy it turned out to not be true, but oh man, why does the author like to put the sweetest character in bad spots?

I really want something nice to happen to the good characters for once! I was really looking forward to what might have been the first happy moment in more than 2 books: Arya returning to her mother! It would have been a breath of fresh air! Then they can go and kill off people, but at least give us that.... but no of course that's asking too much!

PS: Jaime has REALLY grown on me ever since they cut off his hand. Speaking of which, dude why can't they tell Cersei about it already, I want to hear her in pain for once! And then marry her off-- just torture her already! And if they're going to kill someone why can't it be Joffrey?

._. Poor Sansa too. Though I do want to see her and Tyrion get it on already >.> Whatever happened to lovely Shae?

I'm still crying for Robb in my heart. He was one of the best characters, the most pure, I think. It's even more painful than when his father died in the first book (whom was my favorite character at the time). ;_; Gah plz to stop torturing the Starks!!

EDIT: NO MORE JOFFREY YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! *sings and dances* Finally, it feels like there is justice in the world. =D Good riddance!! Now the only problem is that I can't scream inwardly, "why didn't you kill Joffrey instead?!?!!?????" every time that someone awesome dies. And yay Arya's not dead! I really thought that she was. I don't think Catelyn is dead either, though we'll see... but oh man, do I feel sorry for Jaime. And poor Sansa. And poor Tyrion when she ran off. And I will really miss Robb, but I guess that he's really gone now. Ned was my favorite character at the time that he was killed too.

But oh man, what a fitting end for that awful Joffrey. Gave the Red Wedding a run for it's money!
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Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on January 27th, 2008 02:25 am (UTC)
Re: just here for a few days
Hello Julian,

Hmmm, real manga locations..

First off, you need to go to Harajuku on a Sunday to get the best array of goth costumes.

Aside from that, I really recommend that you buy a travel guide and look around in there. There will be lots of suggestions on places to go, and as I don't know you, I can't say for sure the things that you will be interested in. Some not-misses though, if you like ancient architecture, are the Nihon Minka-en, and Edo period museum. Also make sure to check out Asakusa temple!

As far as anime goes, it depends on what you like. As some people already said, Ikebukuro Sunshins City is good, but really only for those that are interested in BL doujinshi. If you like the other, or just anime in general, then Electric Street in Akihabara and the surrounding area is a lot better. Also be sure to check out Center-gai in Shibuya (directly across from Hachiko square, between HMV and the pharmacy) during the afternoon to get a glimpse of colorfully-dressed people. ^^ Ahhh, and yoyogi park is a good one as well!