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Wryyyyy no Cloverfield???

~^_^~ I haven't had ANY time for anything recently-- just SO busy, life is taking me by storm. I just want to sit around for one day, is that too much to ask? ;o; I want to finish up my China posts, and I have so many other posts to make too, but there is no time..

But I thought that I would take a second to state publicly how angry I am that Cloverfield is not coming out here YESTERDAY, as it came out in America on the 18th. Why is it not coming out in Japan until Spring??!?!?!!! The whole movie is based around Japan for crying out loud!! That is more than unfair! *cries big tears and goes away swearing* I'm so angry, I'm definitely going to be downloading somebody's camera-copy of this one and I'll say it right out here in public. Because I have no other choice. GRR Who knows how to write complaints in to the movie company in charge?
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