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30 November 2007 @ 08:53 am
Omg.. I was so shocked at the end of the newest antm that I started crying.. Now there really doesn't seem to be any more reason to watch the show. Seriously, that's just wrong. And I was all excited because they're going to Beijing next, which is where I'm going next month. But now, well who cares anymore.. -_-;;
Current Mood: upset
Firsa Asahiasahifirsa on November 30th, 2007 12:37 pm (UTC)
Oh :) That's something my mind didn't think about of course :) There's a street in Hong Kong were they sell cats and dogs to you and prepare them for you right away too. I didn't dare to go there. There's also a tradition to eat dogs somewhere in Switzerland. I'd think they are probably quite tasty, but I'd rather eat a dog then a cat :) But then I'll hopefully never have to eat either.