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05 February 2003 @ 12:14 am
Ala Minakochan.... living in the moment ^__^  
[Date]: February 5th 2003
[Time]: 12:05 am
[Weather]: coooold and clear
[Listening to]: The people in the living room behind me... Eric, Rachel, and Ron. Mando and Brenda just left...
[Wearing]: Red ribbed tank top, cargo pants, glasses.
[Jewelery]: Watch on left hand and ring on right ring finger.. I pretty much never take either of them off...
[Makeup]: None..
[Hairstyle]: Pulled back in a ponytail right now.. there's still a braid in it on one side..
[Eating]: Drinking vanilla milk and eating food from Jack in the Box
[Drinking]: Vanilla milk
[Downloading]: unbelievably.. nothing..
[Talking to]: On aim: Shu-chan, Rachel, Jill, and Alsie
[Mood]: kind of sick.. I keep looking at the food and wondering if I can eat any more ^_^;;
[Visiting]: LJ....
[Thinking about]: Can I really eat any more food or will I explode???
Current Mood: full